How much does it cost to rent a Tile Saw? 4 Hours to 4 Weeks Know The full info!

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Tile saw is not necessary for cutting a variety of materials – the risk of broken normal and sharp, flying particles is justifiable. Moreover, it is not a tool that has many occupations. It is only used for cutting tile or stone.

As a strict rule, if you don’t have extra space for a tile saw or if you feel you can complete the work in a couple of days, renting the gadget undoubtedly looks incredible.

So, let’s find out how much it will cost to rent a tile saw.

Tile Saw Rental Chart with Time Duration and Cost

CompaniesTile Saw Brand & Blade Size4-HoursPer DayPer Week4 WeeksTile saw’s Full Details & Conditions
Home Depot[Large] MK Diamond 10 inches52$74$296$888$Click Here For More Details
Home Depot[Mini] MK Diamond & MK-170 7 inches$22$31$124$372Click Here For More Details
Home Depot[Small] MK Diamond & MK-MK-660 7 inches$38$54$216$648Click Here For More Details
Home Depot[Medium] MK Diamond & MK-MK-660 7 inches$45$64$256$768Click Here For More Details
SunbeltEDCO, Husqvarna, Norton, Husqvarna
& all blades are 10 inches
NO$58$225$610Click Here For More Details
MENARDS.COM®MK Diamond & 14-inch$38 for the first 4 hours and $2.50 for each additional hour (hourly rate only applies during store hours)Click Here For More Details
LOWE’SRubi ND-180 7 inches Portable Tile Saw$21$29$116$290Click Here For More Details
LOWE’SPearl Abrasives & PA7PRO
7 in. Wet Tile Saw
$34$48$192$480Click Here For More Details
LOWE’SPearl Abrasives & VX10.2XLPRO
10 in. Wet Tile Saw
$47$67$268$670Click Here For More Details
Unitedrentals.comCORE CUT 10 inch CC900TE HEAVY DUTY TILE SAWNO$76$213$599Click Here For More Details
Hercrentals.comImer 10 inch Combicut 250VA Electric Tile SawNO$65$260$585Click Here For More Details
Hercrentals.comHusqvarn 14 in MS 360 Electric Tile SawNO$90$360$810Click Here For More Details
Hercrentals.com14 in Husqvarn14 in MS 360G Gasoline Tile SawNO$90$360$810Click Here For More Details

Large tile saw rent vs Mini / Medium tile saw rent.

We have to pay $70 to $90 per day for the Large tile saw. However, paying this amount for renting a large tile saw will not be regrettable if you have a huge number of tiles to cut.

And the mini/medium tile saw will cost around $20 to $70 per day. So, renting would be more useful when you don’t need a tile saw regularly and you have a small amount of tile to cut.

Renting from the branded companies like Lowes 

First thing, would you have the alternative to rent a tile saw from a believable organization? If you don’t, there are some companies like Lowes stores that give tile cutters on a rental premise.

Companies like Lowes Equipment Rental Prices – Lowe’s companies Tools Rent Prices The expenses for gadget rental move according to the instrument and the proportion of time you will rent that contraption.

In any case, for the most part, Lowes express that you can rent their gadgets for $25 to $65 per day.

[you can also rent tile saws from Lowes stores for 4 hours]

Renting from Home Depot

If you have small tile cutting jobs, you can probably rent them from home depot. I think Renting from a home depot won’t be expensive for you.

The rental cost for small and medium tile saw is around $30 to $70 per day. For the large tile saw machines, the rental won’t be higher than $100.

[you can also rent tile saws from the home depot for 4 hours]

Renting from local market stores 

In the local market shops, you will find the lowest prices. They will offer you as much as $20 to $50 per day in the local shops. They will provide you with not higher than $80/$85 per day for the large tile saw. Here you can also bargain with them that may reduce the price also.

Tile saw tools you should buy or rent?

Before renting or buying any tools, you have to make sense of how many times you need those tools once or twice a year. If you don’t need those tools regularly, you can rent those tools for your one or two-time project. It wouldn’t cost much. 

But if you need those tools regularly or several times, the rental cost of those tools can empty your pocket, so buy those tools if you need those regularly for your project.

Tile saw to choose if you buy

You would get a 2/3 tile saw model under $200, but those won’t give you a quality cut and get spoiled in a few days. A good quality tile saw can cost you more than $200.

Blades you should choose if you rent or buy a tile saw.

In my opinion or my user experience says that you should choose diamond blades.

In the market, the most demanding blade is diamond blades. It comes in great varieties and many sizes that you need for your work.

Using these diamond blades, you can cut the most complex varieties of tile. In addition, it is extremely durable than others, and you can use it for your comfortable use.

Here I recommend some quality diamond blades: King Diamond 7inch blade, RIDGID 10inch Diamond blade.


What is the overall best tile saw for the money?

In my opinion, PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw. This tile saw is budget-friendly and will work well as your need.

Can I use the Dremel tool to cut tile?

Yes, you can. Dremel makes tile cutting jobs easy. Not only for tile cutting, but you can also use it for grinding wheels, grinding stones, etc.

How can I cut tile without a tile cutter?

If you had an alternative tool like an angle grinder or wet saw. You can cut tile on these easily.

How do you keep the tile from chipping when cutting?

You just need a dressing stone. Using it, you can clean the blades.


Beginning of my work, I used to rent tile saws or many other tools. But when cutting became my regular work, I realized that the rental cost was disturbing my budget. So, don’t make this type of mistake like me that I did at the beginning.

If you need a tile cutter for one or two days, you can rent it. But If it requires your day-to-day work, you should buy a well-branded tile saw. I hope it will help you a lot.

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