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For your working needs, you may need a tile saw. For that, you may need to rent or purchase a tile saw. But in the market, you will get various options because every company manufactures different tile saw types.

For that, you may get confused about choosing the perfect size tile saw for your work.

Don’t get confused. This article will bear you some idea about what size tile saw you need according to your work. Then you will easily come out from confusion and can choose your tile saw size easily.

Tile saw selection idea

Tile saw selection is the initiative in achieving knowledgeable-looking tile jobs. This is often true, no matter whether you’re cutting ceramic tile porcelain, marble, granite, or other flooring material.

Before selecting some questions that may be wandering in your head, let’s find out what!

  • Size of the tile saw machine
  • Size of tile saw blades
  • Cutting length
  • What am I cutting
  • What is my budget

Let’s discuss detailed on this tile selection topic.

Size of the tile saw machine

Size isn’t a huge thing anyway will depend upon whether you will be moving it, beginning with one spot then onto the following. A successfully conservative tile saw is more useful than one, which is powerful except if you expect to present it until the end of time.

If you are working inside a limited space, you should get a bit of an estimated machine and the reverse way around.

Size of the tile saw blades

Size is the most important while doing the cutting job. Because in every section, size matters.

Every machine structure is limited, and most people expect that it will go beyond the limit. The primary concern is that it will not, though.

Tile saw blades are available in different diameters. But the perfect size of the tile saw blades mainly starts from the 7-10inch diameter. The 7-inch diameter blade can cut around 2inches in depth.

On the other hand, the depth increases when you pick a large blade one by one. At the maximum blade size, I mean that at 10 inches, this increases a little bit about 2.4-2.6 inches depth.

On the packaging on the box of tile saw, the manufacturer labels blades can go up to 10 inches. So, while buying, check the box carefully. Sometimes they didn’t give us the label size that they advertised.

Cutting length

You may find 40-300 centimeters height range tiles in the market, but 40-60 is the standard range of tile, so if you take a 100-centimeter cutting length table. You can do your work well.

What I am cutting 

The solid the material, the harder it will be to cut. Clay tile isn’t hard to cut. Clay is delicately contrasted with rock which is very hard and typically requires a mechanized saw, yet you need a special blade.

A manual tile saw will be beyond anyone’s expectations for the client who needs to cut 12-inch stoneware tile and only necessities to cover 100 square feet or something to that effect.

The hand tile saw will not work for a task with a significant surface impression with huge, substantial, difficult-to-cut tiles.

What is my budget

At long last, consider the sum you need to spend on your tile saw. A decent-quality manual tile saw will run from $30 to $40.

That is, a very decent person can foresee a mortgage holder tiling a little restroom or ledge looking at that as an expert tile worker for hire would charge about $40 each hour for his time alone.

Tile cutters like those have seat top style with 4-7inch edges, and they will cost around $50 to $100.These cutters are still most appropriate to property holders or DIY clients with more modest positions, yet they will eliminate quicker and diminish position time.

More extensive and heavier mechanized tile saws are much quicker. These tile saws normally go with a stand and high cutoff water. A 7inch tile saw like this ought to have the option to make up to a 13-inch tear cut.

This kind of saw is mainly for experienced property holders and expert project workers. I hope to pay $200 to $500 for this sort of tile saw. Workers for hire who need to cut a ton of tile or who have difficult tasks need hardware to coordinate.

These types of saws weigh 150 pounds, and they have more various speed, belt drive engines.

The tables they use for cutting are wide and long, which enables them to cut huge tiles. For getting a custom miter or calculated cut, you can add it additionally. You will pay $400 and up for this sort of expert gear.


Can I use a regular saw to cut tile?

Yes, of course, you can cut. but cutting with a regular saw won’t give you smooth edges.

How can I cut tile like a pro?

You need to cut slowly and try to maintain a straight line. If you do this way, you will cut like a pro.

Do you start from the center when tiling?

Yes. Starting from the center helps me to follow the pattern easily and helps me to cut perfectly.

Does cutting tile create dust?

Yes, cutting tile can create dust. For that, you should wear a mask. Neither can it cause you to dust allergy.

Will a tile saw cut wood?

No, you can’t. Because whenever you try to use it on the wood, it would likely jam or damage the blade.

Will a tile saw blade cut you?

Yes, of course. If you pushed the saw blade harder towards your skin, it could easily cut or burn your skin.

How long a low-quality tile blade last?

Working with a low-quality blade with proper technique can be used for around 12 hours.


Years of working experience with a tile saw or the other saw helped me know what to choose and how to choose. It mainly depends on what purpose you will use the tile saw, and that’s how you will get your answer about what size tile saw you need.

That information that I gave you earlier hope will help you find the perfect size for your work. I hope you will be helped by reading this.

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