can you cut brick with a wet tile saw

Can you cut brick with a tile saw? Solve your problem in 5 easy steps

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If you don’t have a brick saw or don’t want to use it to cut bricks, you can use a tile saw. Generally, wet tile saws use for cutting various types of tiles, and you can also use them to cut bricks, but you need to use wider blades like 10 inches blade.

I usually use a brick saw for cutting bricks, but I have tried the tile saw to cut brick many times, and its works perfectly. The cutting process is the same as a brick saw. Mark clear and bold lines on your brick, make sure your water supply is on, and use 10 inches solid diamond blade to make your perfect cut.

Don’t worry; I will have a broad discussion on this topic.

1. Wear safety equipment

Wet tile saws can be very dangerous if you don’t have proper attention. That’s why wearing safety equipment is essential. It would be best if you had wear goggles, hand gloves for better grip. You can use headphones if you don’t want to listen the loud wet saws sound.

2. Finish your measurement and line on the brick

marking line to cut the brick with wet tile saw
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Marking on brick is very important, and it has to be bold enough to easy your job. Make your measurements how you need to cut the brick; after that, mark the line with a marker pen’s help.

The problem with thin lines or pencil lines is you can miss lead and cut across the line. That’s how you waste the brick and also your time.  You are cutting with a 10 inches wide blade you need to mark up a bold line to see it properly and easily cut through it without any hesitation.

3. Choose the right blade

Brick is not like tiles; brick is wider and more extensive in height and also a hard martial. That’s why you need proper depth to cut bricks.

The real key here is this blade. If you’re cutting bricks or pavers, you need continuous segmented rim blades. Don’t go with smaller blades; if you want to cut bricks, always go for 10 inches segmented rim diamond blade.

4. Check the water supply

You can cut bricks dry, or you can cut them wet. From my own research, what I understand, whether bricks or pavers, sometimes have silica in them. That is dangerous if you cut them dry and get the dust and breed the dust in. So wet saws seem the perfect way to go.

Some wet saws might not have a water supply feature, but most of the saws have this essential feature. Water supply minimizes your dust flow and keeps the temperate cool, so there is no chance of waste any brick and uneven cuts.

Before making cuts, you should check the water supply tank is fully loaded or not. Insufficient water means disturbance to your work.

5. Position yourself and make the cut

If your saw’s table has a rubberized surface, the brick can’t move or slip, and you have extra grip. Now place the brick and just lined it up with that blade. Now turn on the saw and just slide it right down. Move the brick really slow through the blade, don’t try to go quick. It will take time, but the result will be the perfect cut.

Things you must check before you cut the brick

  • Don’t push the brick so hard and fast. Otherwise, the brick will tear, and the cut will not right as you expect.
  • Use a 10-inch segmented rim blade. It is good to have a wider blade to cut bricks.
  • You must check the water tank before you start the operations.
  • Use proper safety equipment for performing these jobs.


Why do you need a 10-inches blade?

Big solid blades are made for rough and tough works. If you are cutting, you need a big blade because the brick is long and wide enough. For this hard material, you need a 10-inch segmented rim blade. But if you use a too much smaller blade, you have to flip the brick and cut it over.

Yes, you can cut with a 9-inch blade and sometimes a short blade as well for small bricks, but I don’t think it is a good practice.

Can you cut rocks with a tile saw?

Yes, you can. The cutting process same as cutting a brick. But rock is a much solid and rigid material than brick, so you must follow some rules or steps to cut rocks. Infect I have written an article on cutting rock with a wet saw also you can read it.


Cutting brick with a tile saw is not that tough. I have tried this several times. If you don’t have a brick, saw you can cut with a tile saw easily.

If a tile saw can rock, then the brick is not that tough. The only thing you need is a 10-inches blade, and it is not that expensive. Buy one and start cutting bricks, or if you want, you can try through hard material also.   

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