Dewalt DWS716 vs DWS779

Dewalt DWS716 vs DWS779 – Which One Should I Choose?

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Dewalt DWS716 and DWS779 are both double-bevel compound miter saws that can slice through tough materials and easily handle heavy-duty workloads. Both are used for woodworking and construction projects.

The main differences between these saws are that the Dewalt DWS716 is a lightweight and portable powerful saw. On the other hand, Dewalt DWS779 is a heavy-weight sliding miter saw and is more versatile.

In this article, I will give you the elaborate advantages and disadvantages of Dewalt DWS716 vs DWS779 and let you know which one you should choose according to your projects.

Comparison Table Between Dewalt DWS779 and DWS716

FeaturesDeWalt dws716DeWalt dws779
Generate power15 amp15 amp
Speed3600 RPM3800 RPM
Power supplyCordedCorded
Cut capacityGoodBetter
Miter lockYesYes
Sliding featureNoYes
Dust Collection SystemYesYes

Dewalt DWS716 vs Dewalt DWS779

Dewalt DWS716

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Dewalt DWS716 is a corded 12-inch double-bevel compound miter saw. It has a powerful 15-amp motor that can easily cut through any hardwood. For its double bevel, one can easily make cuts in both the left and right direction.

Also, this miter saw comes with 14 accurate positive cam stops for accurate and easy angle cutting.

Dewalt DWS779

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Dewalt DWS779 is a corded 12-inch double-bevel sliding compound miter saw. With a powerful 15-amp motor, this saw can slide its arm forward and back while cutting to make wide cuts easily.

Also, for the double bevel, this miter saw can cut in both directions and has 10 positive stops for accurate angle cutting.

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Dewalt DWS716 and Dewalt DWS779


The design is mostly the same on both miter saws, but DWS779 saw’s design is slightly different and large because of the sliding arm.

Size and Weight

Dewalt DWS716 and DWS779 are both 12-inch miter saws, but the DWS779 size is larger while cutting as it has a sliding arm which can move forward.

As for the larger size, the DWS779 weighs more than the DWS716 saw. Where DWS779 is about 58 pounds and DWS716 is about 48 pounds which makes it more portable than the DWS779.


For both the DWS779 and DWS716, you get a powerful 15-amp motor which can provide up to 3800 RPM speed. But the cutting experience is more excellent on the DWS779; it is well optimized to ensure high power while cutting to provide effective results.

Cutting capacity

DeWalt dws716 is capable of cutting 8-inch-wide wood in one chop, and removing the fence may increase that workpiece size to 8.5 to 9 inches. In contrast, DeWalt dws779 is able to cut a 13.58-inch wood piece in one chop.

Note: Though the product information of dews779 will claim to chop 14-inch wood, the accurate equation is 13.58-inch.

Sliding Arm

The DWS716 doesn’t come with any sliding arm. In contrast, the DWS779 comes with a sliding arm which can move forward and back to make wide cuts easily, which makes it more versatile than the DWS716.


Both saws are dual bevel saws and have the higher accuracy to cut in both directions. But for the sliding arm DWS779 has more accuracy as it can make wide-angle cuts easily.


Both DeWalt dws716 and DeWalt dws779 use 12-inch blades to operate. But dws716 use a 12-inch blade, which has 80 teeth in it, for better results, and in contrast, dws779 uses a 12-inch 32 teeth blade in it for better results.

Blade change

Changing the blades is a little difficult for both saws. First, one needs to unscrew the top screw to hold the safety plastic guard, and then after that, lose the bolt which holds the blade. After removing the bolt, the blade will easily come out, then replace that with a new blade and reverse the process to tighten the blade with that saw.

Angle cuts

DeWalt dws716 and DeWalt dws779 are well known for their precise angle cuts. Dw716 is provided with a stainless detent plate, which is marked with angles. And also provides 10 positive stops on mostly demanded angles and even can angle position on your need. The saw has locks to fix the saw with specific angles.

On the other hand, DeWalt dws779 has the same features for angle cuts. Just the dws779 has 10 positive stops, which is less than the dws716.

Bevel cut

Both miter saws can make bevel cuts. The DeWalt dws716 can cut 2 by 8 inches wide wood at 90 degrees and 2 by 6 inches at a 45-degree angle. Which is precious but dws779 allows more. In contrast, the dws779 saw allows 2 by 13 inches wide wood at 90 degrees and 2 by 9-10 inches at 45 degrees.


DeWalt dws716 costs less than the DeWalt dws779 saw. You will get a dws716 miter saw under $400 and get a dws716 miter saw under $600.

Which One should I choose between DeWalt dws716 or DeWalt dws779?

If you want a saw which has a sliding arm to cut wider wood pieces with accuracy and versatility no doubt that you can choose the DeWalt dws779. As this saw is more versatile and well-optimized with its powerful motor it can cut more accurately and quickly.

But the thing is, it costs around $200 more than the DeWalt dw716, which can backfire anyone to buy this saw. If you have a budget, you should go for this for professional woodworking.

On the other hand, if you want a budget-friendly, quite portable lightweight compound saw, undoubtedly that will be the DeWalt dw716. This saw can also provide you with all the cuts and power to handle heavy workloads. Also, Dws716 is easy to store and easy to operate as it does not demand more places to operate; users will be satisfied with its service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DeWalt 716 and 716XPS?

The DeWalt 716 and DeWalt 716XPS are mostly the same saw; they do not have many differences in design and features. The exceptional feature which differs from the DeWalt 716 is that they added the XPS cutline system in the DeWalt 716XPS miter saw.
This XPS cutline system projects a shadow of the blade onto the workpiece to help you make accurate cuts, which is not possible in the DeWalt 716. Also, the dust collection and cutting accuracy is upgraded in the DeWalt 716XPS miter saw.

What is the difference between DeWalt 779 and 780?

The main differences between the DeWalt 779 and 780 are the DeWalt 780 has a built-in XPS cutline, works light, weighs more and costs more than the DeWalt 779.
Also, in the design, performance and accuracy, you will see some slight differences where the DeWalt 780 performs better and has more accuracy in cutting and dust collecting capability.

Can DWS779 cut 6×6?

Yes, you can easily cut a 6×6 workpiece with the DeWalt DWS779. Even you can cut wide and large workpieces with this miter saw, as it is a double-bevel saw with a sliding arm. For that, it can cut up to 13.58-inch wood pieces in one chop

What arbor is dws779?

DeWalt DWS779 need a 5/8-inch arbor hole blade, which will easily fit this miter saw.


Both the DeWalt DWS716 vs DWS779 are dual-bevel compound miter saws and have almost the same design and features. But the DWS779 has the advantage of a siding arm, which makes it more versatile and gives it the accuracy of cutting than the DWS716.

On the other hand, the DWS716 is less costly and can do all the work a DWS779 can do. Other comparisons I have already given throughout the article. I hope you have understood the differences and understand which one is preferable for your job. Thank you.

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