Single vs Double Bevel Miter Saw

Single vs Double Bevel Miter Saw – Which One Should I Choose?

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A miter saw is a useful power tool, especially for woodworking, construction, and home improvement projects. This saw can easily slice any tough materials accurately from multiple angles.

Miter saw comes in mainly two variants: Single bevel miter saw, and Double bevel miter saw. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Double bevel saws allow you to tilt the blade in both directions for greater cutting flexibility, and single bevel saws only allow you to tilt the blade in one direction for angled cuts.

In this article, I will give you an elaborate comparison of the Single vs double bevel miter saw so that you can easily pick one for your need.

Comparison table between single vs double miter saw

FeaturesSingle bevel miter sawDouble bevel miter saw
Generate power10 to 15 amps12 to 15 amps
Changing bladesEasyEasy
Main purpose45degree Angle cuts45degree Angle cuts both right and left
Power supplyCorded and CordlessCorded and Cordless
Cut qualitySmoothSmooth
Tilt directionOne DirectionTwo direction

Single vs Double bevel Miter Saw

Single Bevel Miter Saw

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A single bevel miter saw is a single-direction (left or right) power saw for precise angled cuts with its blade in wood, metal, or other materials. A single bevel miter saw is a flexible tool for its simplicity, accuracy, and lower cost. Comes in corded and cordless versions.

A single bevel sliding miter allows bevel cuts, compound cuts and many other angle cuts.

Note: A single bevel miter saw is also called a chop saw. A Chop saw is another version of a miter saw.

Double Bevel Miter Saw

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A double bevel miter saw is a versatile power tool which can be tilted in both directions and used for precise cutting in woodworking, carpentry, and other construction projects. It is designed to perform angle and bevel cuts with accuracy and efficiency.

Double bevel sliding miter saws come in various sizes and corded and cordless options.

Similarities and Dissimilarities between single and double bevel miter saw


Single bevel miter saws are designed to angle in one direction, left or right, allowing a 45-degree moveable blade, which means it can only cut up to 45 degrees in one direction.

On the other hand, the double bevel miter saws can angle both left and right and can cut 45 degrees positive and negative on both sides, which makes it faster and also efficient.

Weight and size

A double-bevel miter saw is heavier and bulkier than a single-bevel one. A single bevel miter saw is light in weight as it is a simple design, whereas the double bevel miter has extra features which require more components, and ultimately it increases the weight.

Cutting speed

I consider both bevels faster, but as a single bevel cannot rotate its blade on that basis, the workpiece needs to change its side manually, which reduces the cutting speed. On the other hand, with a double bevel miter saw, you do not need to change the workpiece while cutting, which makes it faster than a single bevel miter saw.

Accuracy and versatility

Both single and double bevel miter saw gives accurate cut. But as has been mentioned, the single bevel miter saws workpiece needs to be re-adjusted, so there is a chance for less accuracy and versatility than the double bevel saw.

Ease of Use

Single bevel is better for beginners and lightweight tasks as it does not require any complications. In contrast, the double bevel miter is more complicated to use as its double tilt advantages which demand more components and rules. For heavy-duty work and skilled woodworkers, a double-bevel miter saw is the best solution.


As a single bevel miter saw has fewer features, it means it needs less maintenance in contrast to a double bevel miter saw needs more maintenance because of its advanced features; it has more components which need regular maintenance.

Type of cuts

Both bevels allow bevel cuts, angle cuts, cross cuts, miter cuts, and compound cuts. But a single bevel has its limitation, which means it only cuts in one direction. But a double bevel miter saw allows all these cuts with both sides.

When cutting complicated angles, this feature of the double-bevel miter saw offers more cutting freedom.


A single-bevel miter saw is lightweight and smaller compared to a double-bevel miter saw; for that reason, one can easily carry a single-bevel saw anywhere than the dual-bevel saw.

Type of blades

Single and double-bevel miter saws can use the same types of blades, but the size and type of blade needed can vary depending on the size and purpose of the saw. Both bevel miters consider 10-to-12-inch diameter blades.

Single and double-bevel miter saws use crosscut blades, ripping blades and also combination blades.

Blade changing

The technique of changing blades on both miter saw is the same. First, need to unplug the miter saw, remove the blade guard, loosen the bolt which holds the blade with the socket set and then takes the washer and remove the blade, replace it with the new blade and reverse the system.

Cutting Capacity

A double-bevel miter saw can cut thicker and larger pieces of material than a single-bevel miter saw. However, this depends on the blade we are using.

If you purchase a sliding miter saw, you can easily extend the arm forward and back while cutting to make wide cuts on it.


Both saws are built with safety features; they have a blade guard which covers the blade every time while making cuts and only removes it automatically while working. The locking mechanism you get also on both so that while working, the blade will not move from its place.


Single-bevel miter saws are affordable compared to double miter saws. A normal quality full single bevel miter saw will cost $150 to $300.

In contrast, a good quality double bevel miter saw will cost $250 to $500.

Which One should I choose: Single or Double Miter Saw

While choosing the best one between a single bevel miter saw and a double bevel miter saw, one should focus on the skill level, budget and the type of projects one will be working on.

You should purchase a single bevel miter saw if you want to work on simple angled cuts. Also, if you are not a professional worker and do not have earlier experience or skill, then you can use a single bevel miter saw to do all lightweight work easily, and at an affordable price, you can purchase it.

A double bevel miter saw might be a better choice, though, if you plan to make complex cuts like compound cuts or angled cuts in both directions. This double bevel saw work better in this situation. This saw can do heavy-duty work more effectively and quickly. So, if you have a good budget, then choose a double-bevel miter saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a chop saw if you have a miter saw?

A miter saw is enough to do all the jobs a chop saw does. You can make straight cuts on a miter saw like on a chop saw. You can even make angle cuts, which is impossible in the chop saw, and you can do it more accurately and quickly. For that reason, you can use a miter saw instead of a chop saw.

What size miter saw to cut 2×4?

The 10-inch miter saw can easily cut a 2×4 workpiece. You just have to place the workpiece on the platform and make cuts, and you don’t have to provide extra effort.
Even you can make 2×8 and 4×4 cuts on a 10-inch miter saw.

Will a 10-inch sliding miter saw cut a 12-inch board?

Yes, you can easily make 12-inch board cuts easily with a 10-inch sliding miter saw. As the sliding miter saw blade can be extended forward while cutting; for that reason, you can easily make wide cuts on it.

Does blade size matter on a miter saw?

As the blade determines the depth of the cut on the workpiece for that reason blade size matters on a miter saw. A miter saw blade can be 7-1/4 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches, and with these different sizes of blades, you can make different depth cuts.


The single-bevel and the dual-bevel miter saws each has certain benefits and drawbacks. The drawbacks are less in the double bevel on the performance. Only the price is more costly than the single-bevel for its more features and advantages.

Also, I have compared the other aspects and given you an elaborate comparison; now it is up to you to choose the best one for your needs and work projects. Thank you.

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