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Table Saw Uses & Different Types of Table Saws – Table Saw 101!

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A table saw is a cutting tool that cuts wood, metal, plastic, and steel with an electric-powered motor. It is designed to make the cut as you need, improve cutting accuracy, and save time.

You may have seen common table saw uses, but you may not know about them very well. The common uses are:

  • Ripping,
  • Crosscutting,
  • Cutting Rabbets,
  • Grooves,
  • Kerfing,
  • Bevel Cuts,
  • and Cutting Joints. 

Here I will describe all those uses in detail for you to better understand a table saw that directly affects your work. So, let’s see what you can do with a table saw or table saw uses and different types of table saws.

Table Saw Uses

A table saw can be used for multiple purposes or multiple ways. Here I describe 7 uses of a table saw.


Doing a material split, cut a large board smaller. Pushing it forward in the same direction as the wood grain. It is easy to cut because you are traveling with the cutting flow.


Ripping and crosscutting are basic in the use of saws, but crosscutting is different. It cuts wood to length sideways. Use the adjustable guide meter, fix a point, hold the board, and cut sideways. 

Cutting Rabbets:

Rabbets are used to open the end of the edge or surface and creates a step-shaped surface that creates a meeting piece on the side of the wood.


Making a slot in the wood for jointing two parts together with glue is called a groove and is used to cut towards the center.

Bevel Cuts:

Bevel cuts are mainly the angles cut. It cuts across the board, and also creates an angle on the age of the board. While Bevel cuts, it should be at a 45-degree angle placed, or you can angle it as your need.


Cutting a series of crosscuts at the area to be bent. The series of cuts allows the area to be flexed. Using a saw series cross cut can be created to make a kerfing.

Cutting Joints:

Creating multiple cuts to a joint to particular wood is called a cutting joint. A table can design or create or be capable of doing multiple types of joint cuts such as Tenon, Reinforced miter, Lap, Finger, etc.

Different Types of Table Saws

As per the uses, I found 7 categories of table saws in the market. Some of them are Portable, and some of them are Stationary. Let me know them and their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Portable Table Saws

Benchtop Table Saw:

Firstly that comes on the list is the benchtop saw. The Benchtop saw is very light weighted and cheap to buy. It doesn’t take a lot of space in your workshop. Gives a quality finish.

But the tool does not have any wheels, so you need to carry it in your hand if you want to transport it. 

Obviously, it is great for different uses of cutting wood. Best for cutting plastic, and aluminum. But before cutting any particular material, make sure the blade is capable of doing that.

  • Cheap than others to buy.
  • Easy to use with multiple functions
  • Takes a small space in a workshop
  • Portable to take anywhere for work
  • Adjustable in any angle to get various cut
  • Does not have any stand.
  • It takes time for cutting.

Compact Table Saw:

The compact table saw is also very similar to the benchtop saw but has some extra features like motors with direct drive. It also features a stand and cast iron table surface.

Very active in cutting wood like the Benchtop. The cutting elements of the compact table saw are similar to the Benchtop saw like aluminum, steel, and plastic.

  • Motors are connected with a direct driver.
  • Comes with a stand and an iron table.
  • Cutting is likely as the Benchtop saw.
  • Portable to anywhere for work
  • Safe and easy to use for beginners.
  • The noise level is high.
  • Vibration is a little bit high than others.

Jobsite Table Saw:

Jobsite table saw is a type of saw known for highly its impressive accuracy of work. The speed and accuracy of its work are brilliant. It can cut wood, steel, and other materials like others, but making angled cuts, rip cuts, and bevel cuts are very easy.

It also comes with a folding stand and is a little bit larger than a benchtop table saw. Thus, it is portable and also lights weighted. Jobsite is very suited for different uses and heavy-duty work purposes.

  • Speed can extend to 5000 RPM.
  • Has a strong folding stand.
  • Portable to keep or take anywhere for work
  • Easy to get angled cuts, rip cuts, bevel cuts
  • Provides Brilliant accuracy.
  • Cutting over 7″ or 8″ can be an issue.
  • At a time cannot work for a long time.

Micro and Mini Table Saw:

This table saw is the smallest among all the other saws. It is famous among contractors who need small and portable saws. Mostly it is used for Crosscutting and Bevel Cuts.

The mini table saw comes with 4 inches size of blades smaller than all the other table saws. It can also be used as a polisher or grinder.

  • Very much adjustable.
  • Portable to store and take anywhere
  • Comes with great safety features.
  • Perfect for smaller multipurpose works.
  • Has a dust controller.
  • Blades are smaller.
  • I can’t use it for larger works.

Types of Stationary Table Saw

Contractor Table Saw:

This table saw is used for larger projects. A contractor has wheels attached, but it is not that portable as its large size. It is heavy compared to the previous table saws I discussed.

The motors are also powerful. It is low in cost in comparison with the larger table saws. This one saw can cut almost all types of materials, saving time and space. The blades are changed for particular materials.

  • Especially used for larger projects.
  • Horsepower is excellent and cuts fast.
  • Low in price than other large saws
  • Has versatile blade mounting
  • Dust controller.
  • Heavy weighted.
  • Not portable.

Hybrid Table Saw:

As the Hybrid name, this table saw is a cross between a contractor saw, and a cabinet saw. The mechanism of the hybrid saw is similar to a contractor table saw. 

It is heavy weighted but has a smooth different cutting technique. It cuts any type of material while cutting wood; it is exceptional.

The best advantage is the dust collecting feature, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Also, the safety and the features are great in this saw.

  • Power motors and cuts fast
  • Gives an accurate cut and smooth finish.
  • Has a dust controller.
  • Lower in price than other large saws
  • Improved cutting performance.
  • More of a hobby-grade tool
  • Not portable and take large space

Sliding Table Saw:

It is also called a European cabinet saw. Because the extended table sliding from the blade’s left side is called a table saw. This saw comes with a powerful motor.  

This saw is used for heavy-duty work and also used for ripping cutting large panels, medium-density fiberboard, and plywood. It can also be customized to make as a planer, jointer, boring, and shaper.

  • Good for heavy-duty work.
  • Powerful motor for accurate and fast cut
  • Customization is available.
  • Easy to operate for anyone
  • Makes ripping very easy.
  • Can be used for multipurpose work
  • Takes a lot of space.
  • Not portable.

Best Table Saws Types For Productivity

Jobsite table saw:

Jobsite table saw is impressive for professional work. It has a stand to uphold the tool lightweight so easy to carry frequently. The materials used to make the body and the body are very hard yet light weighted. If you want a table saw for professional work, then Jobsite is the best.

Contractor table saw:

Used for heavy-duty work. It has both power and precision for the best quality of work. It is designed to give you the best cuts every single time. Has longevity and durability. The horsepower can exceed 750 to 1500. If the work is for big projects, it is the most suitable one.

Hybrid table saw:

This one table saw is combined with a contractor and a cabinet. Has the best smoothing technique. Exceptional performance for cutting wooden materials. The best feature is that it has a dust controller, so your workstation is always clean. Has a 2HP motor.

Best Table Saw in The Pricing Aspect

The DEWALT Jobsite table saw: has a very good reputation in the market. This table saw comes with multiple features and an adjustable option. It cost around 399$. It is all rounded for your work.

Shop fox W1837 hybrid table saw: it has the best rip capacity, and a powerful 2HP motor comes with a price range of around 600$ and is suitable for any kind of project.

DEWALT DWE7485 benchtop table saw: it is a very handy table saw that is portable and powered with a 15amp motor; the price range is under 400$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I reduce dust from my table saw?

You can use a dust collector on your table saw. A dust collector will collect all the mess while cutting and storing the mess. After your work, you can collect the dust from the storage. You just have to turn on the collector while cutting.
Also, you can get a hybrid table saw. It has a unique feature the hybrid table saw collects the dust and stores it in a small compartment. Thus, there won’t be any mess, and it will be easy for you to clean.

Q. Does the weight of the table saw matter?

Sometimes it matters because the heavier it is, the harder it will be to move. If you are doing work that has to move continuously, then the portable is a must but for only small works. 
On the other hand, if your work is professional and for big projects, then the static table saws are the best, and they also need a lot of space.

Q. Do the blades matter when cutting different materials?

It matters a lot in cutting materials. Not all blades are suitable for plastic, aluminum, steel, and wood. There are also various types of blades for that, such as rip blades, cross blades, combination blades, and dado blades.  
But some of the table saws nowadays are encrypted with function blades that can cut materials in one blade.


There are different types of table saws in the market. On that basis, the uses get different from one another and get different designs of cut. But for the table saw, the thing remains the same it cuts. 

I described to you almost all the possible uses according to various wood and other work from that you may find the best table saw that suitable for your project. So, I hope that you got all the points and were helpful to you. Thank you.

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