Cold saw vs band saw – Choose wisely | Pros, Cons, and Differences

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Comparing a saw can be difficult, especially when there are so many options and people are continuously talking about these saws. Everyone is different, so their priority and work process will be different, including me also.

The same confusion can happen with cold saw and band saw’s comparison. These two saws are better from their respective places, but you have to understand the need for working, workspace, and your budget when you need to choose only one.

I can give you many differences between a band saw and cold saw, but you have to fix in your mind that what purpose or usage you need these saws. So, let me give you the point-to-point comparison between the cold saw vs band saw without wasting your time.

Pros and Cons – Cold saw vs band saw

These comparisons give you a clear vision about band saw vs cold saw. Let’s start!

Cold saw


  1. Very good for angle cutting.
  2. Lightweight and convenient.
  3. Some cold saw offer versatility for cutting. 
  4. Cut quickly without creating excess heat.
  5. Give clean and straight cut.
  6. Exact and precise.
  7. Easy to maintenance. 
  8. Blade changing is effortless. 
  9. Take less space. 
  10. Efficient because of its rotary motion. 
  11. Can cut hard materials like metal and concrete.


  1. Can’t handle extensive material. 
  2. Makes much noise and dust. 
  3. Safety is needed to operate. 
  4. Cutting corners is tough. 
  5. Heating material should avoid. 

Band saw


  1. can use for designing purposes.
  2. Has an incredible profundity of cutting.
  3. Has a great ability to cut curves.
  4. Versatile and affordable. 
  5. Take low ground space.
  6. Delivers less sound and vibrations.
  7. Less waste produces for its small kerf.
  8. Can handle extensive material. 
  9. Cut horizontally and vertically.
  10. Cut layers of bundle easily.


  1. Least not clean like a cold saw.
  2. Changing blade is a very tough job.
  3. Maintenance is difficult.
  4. Can’t produce much accurate cut.
  5. Can’t make inside cuts.

The comparison Chart

Choosing factorsCold sawBand saw
Cutting EdgeFineRough edges
Beveling CutsEasydifficult
Scrolling cutsNoNot that good
Ideal Rip Cuts OnSmall materialsThicker materials
Cutting PowerGreatLess
Changing BladesEasyDifficult
Adjustable DepthYesNo need
Noise and VibrationsHighLess
Thick MaterialsLimitedCut easily
Cutting MaterialsMetal, wood, plastic.Wood, plastic, metal
Wastage AmountHighLess
SafetyComparatively SafeComparatively dangerous

Similarities and Differences – Band saw vs Cold saw

Type and quality cuts

A cold saw uses a rounded circular saw blade attached to the top of the handle side. Cold saw cut material on a high rotational speed that’s way While the warmth created by the slicing activity is moved to the chips that stay cool both sharp blade and material” and for that, it called cold saw.

A band saw uses a long straight, thick blade called a serrated blade. The universal engine utilized on it is noteworthy. That is how the band’s engine assists the blade with slicing up to 3000ft each moment.

The blade is attached with two rotation wheels, one on the top and one on the bottom that looks like a band; that’s why the name is a band saw. 

Cold saw helps you to have almost every type of cutting. You can do cross cuts, rip cuts. On this, you will get the most straight, accurate, and smooth cut.

On the other hand, on the band saw, you can cut in any direction, like vertically and horizontally. You can slice any material attractive and delicate. You can do curve cuts, straight cut very easily. It uses a large blade; you can easily slice large material. 

Cutting Depth

A large portion of the cold saws guarantee 4 inches diameter cutting profundity, and the significant part is its produce customizable profundity. The advanced cold saw models offer a customizable wheel to set up the sharp blade stature as per the worker’s need.

You can cut more depth cut on a band saw. Because it has a large blade and you can adjust the blade height on your need. It can cut vertically and horizontally; that’s why no need to worry about depth. 

Cutting Edge

The cold saw creates a more delicate edge cut, and there will be no requirement for any further completing work to get the component in the mechanical production system.

On the other hand, the edge cut on the band saw won’t make you happy because it won’t cut like a cold saw. To have an edge cut, you have to be professional or cut many times to get a proper edge.

Changing Blades

Changing blade on a cold saw much easier than a band saw. Even A newbie can easily change the blade quickly. First, fix the nut on the arbor, remove the cutting blade, place the upgraded one, and fix it. That’s it. 

On a band saw, you have to turn the opposite tension direction until the blade gets loose. Pull out the blade through the slot, then place the new one through the slot on the wheel, both downside and upside. Then turn the tension in the right direction to tighten the blade. 

That’s beings more hassle than cold saw.

Cutting rounded corners and curves

in this sector, the band saw gets advantage. On a band saw, you can cut smooth corners and curves cut, and the control on this saw is much easier than the other.

But on the cold saw, you can cut only at different angles. Making curves and corners is not possible on it.

Kerf and wastage

Cold saw had large kerf because they have a larger blade. A larger blade means a huge amount of material waste and more wood dust.

Other hand band saw had small kerf that’s waste less material and less wood dust. 

Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibrations are common when working with machines, especially when working with saws. Both saws make noises, but a band saw makes less noise than a cold saw.

If you work on the other floor than the ground floor, you will feel more vibration. It will irritate you. So, if it possible I suggest you work on the ground floor.

Demolition work

If you read the details of these saws perfectly. You will find that the manufacturers made this cold saw more friendly for metalworking but cutting wood on it is the same as cutting metal.

On the other hand, the band saw mainly cutting wood, but using steel blades or increasing the motor speed can cut metal like the wood.


If you come on the price comparison, you will get the band saw in low price better performance and better quality. Though You will find the cold saw on low price also, but those won’t be good for your day-to-day work.

So, whenever you buy something and if you have a budget, buy the good.


Maintenance is necessary for all types of machine tools, and these saws aren’t out of them.

A band saw needs more maintenance than a cold saw. A band saw has more gears than a cold saw. Those gear should be maintenance always specifically the wheel. If garbage Starks on this, the wheel will be stuck and won’t rotate, reducing the saw’s performance.

You can clean the blade and the wheel with a brush or cloth, and you can also use oil on those parts that will help the wheel rotate smoothly. 

That goes the same for the cold saw. 


A band saw is more dangerous than a cold saw. Because the blade of the band saw naked all the time and you have to push the material towards the blade, the hand goes very closer to the blade. That time hand can slip any time.

But the cold saw had a safety bar on the top of the blade. That reduces the injury probability. 

Last, of all, tools can cause you to harm at any time if you don’t take proper safety precautions or if you were working carelessly.

So, while working, wear hand gloves, glasses, and a mask. Always maintain distance your hand from the blade.


Does a band saw is safer than a table saw?

Yes, a band saw is safer than a table saw. Because the blade on the table saw stands downward, sometimes you may forget the position of the blade while cutting. That can cause an accident.

What can I use instead of a cold saw?

You can use a chop saw or any metal cutting saw. Which will give you the same performance.

What can I use instead of a band saw?

You can use a scroll saw, table saw, jigsaw. These are the perfect alternative to a band saw, and they won’t reduce your working performance too.

Which one should you buy, the first band saw, or cold saw?

My suggestion is that you should buy a cold saw. It’s easy to use, and a newbie can easily operate it.


I suggest you don’t compare Band saw or cold saw in detail because both have their own better functions that help them to do their particular work.

But in my choice, cold saw helps me a lot on my work. I got a better detailed, sharp cut on it. On other band saw helps me to cut large material vertically and horizontally. So, it depends on your working needs.

Because I use these products from the beginning of my profession, I can assure you that if you buy one of these two products, you won’t get a fool or buy both of them if you have a budget.

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