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Laguna 1412 vs 14bx – Let’s find out which one is better to choose!

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Nowadays, Laguna’s woodworking tools are one of the most prevalent machines in the market. From many of those Laguna machines, people mostly like Laguna 1412 and Laguna 14bx but get confused about which one they should come of the features and budget.

To make it clear, I used both these two machines and found both are mostly the same usage product with the almost same build, but they do have some differences in the motor power, performance, weight, cost, and other sectors.

This article will provide you with all those details of Laguna 1412 vs 14bx and let you know which one is better and why you should take this.

Comparison Table Between Laguna 1412 vs 14bx Bandsaw

Laguna 1412
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Laguna 14bx
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0136MA54E&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=twahed 20&language=en USir?t=twahed 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0136MA54E
Motor power1-3/4 HP TEFC motor1.75 HP or 2.5 HP TEFC motor
Dust storage Yes Yes
Voltage motor 110V110V and 220V
Blade Length115inch 115inch 
Cutting depth330mm330 mm
AdjustmentEasy Easy
Start and stopEasyMedium
Quick-Release TensionYesYes
MaintenanceLess More 
Cord length 6ft6ft
Safety LessMore 
PriceComparatively Less PricyCostly

Laguna 14bx vs 1412 Bandsaw

Laguna 14bx

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Laguna 14bx is the updated version of Laguna 1412; most of the features are the same. The Laguna 14bx is available in two-band saws variation. The variation is 110 volts and 220 volts. 

Laguna 14bx is leading the evolution of bandsaws. You can design any shape, and makes any carve of wood. It runs much smoother with no vibration. It also has a magnetic on/off switch.


Design: as the Laguna 1412, the design is modern and comes pyramid-shaped. The structure is durable and handy and weighs only 260 pounds.

Motors: this 14bx model bandsaw comes with 110- volt, 1.75 HP or 220 volts, 2.5 HP TEFC motor. Both variation motors ensure great rotation speed. You can easily do any kind of work on 110 volts, 1.75 HP motors, but for much better performance, you can choose 220 volts, 2.5 HP TEFC motors. 

Blade: in this bandsaw, you can work with a 115-inch blade. Also, here you can use a 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch width blade. The max cutting depth of this blade is 330mm.

Table: In Laguna, they provided a micro-polished table. The table surface is well big enough to design wood without any problem. Also, the table tilts right at 45 degrees and left at 7 degrees.

Wheels: laguna 14bx’s wheel is very impressive. It had solid cast wheels that balanced and fitted with one-piece polyurethane tires. Also, it is designed to cool down easily and longer than conventional tires.

Windows: they provided double windows in Laguna 14bx that allow checking both tension and tracking while the machine is running.

Dust ports: Laguna included a 4-inch dust port to clean maximum dust easily. It also collects dust from both the lower and upper cabinets, ensuring zero dust while working.

Foot brake: this well-structured bandsaw allows you to turn off the motor using your foot. This brake accuracy is great.

  • Compatible with different-width blade
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Less vibration with the minimum sound
  • The structure is durable and handy
  • Has a 4inch dust port
  • Had brake system to turn off the motor
  • The fame is heavy.
  • The blade does not come in the package.

Laguna 1412

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Laguna 1412 is a modern, and strong structured design saw from Laguna. This saw provided a great quality of cuts and was used to shape wood and crave wood. Especially its dust collection system is very impressive.

Laguna 1412 model’s blade is also impressive. They provided a magnetic blade guard, which can be raised and lowered with a worm drive rack, so your blade guides stay perfectly adjusted.


Design: this Laguna 1412 bandsaw looks modern and pyramid-shaped. The metal build design makes it really strong and durable but being metal build; it only weights up to 266 pounds.

Motor: Laguna 1412 is a 110-volt bandsaw that has a 1-3/4 HP TEFC motor, which provides great accuracy in working with the 13inch inch blade that feels like a 220v bandsaw.

The motor does not sound much and provides smooth and comfortable cuts.

Blade: here, 1/8-inch width and 115-inch blade can be used. It supports quick-release tension and scale have great control and accuracy of cutting. This 115-inch blade’s max cutting depth is 330mm.

Table: Laguna provided a 21”x 16inch micro-polished table. The table height is 38 inches and tilts left up to 45° and right at 7°. 

There is enough space to design wood on the surface, and its height is very comfortable. So, you can work for a long time.

Wheels: This bandsaw’s solid cast wheels are electronically and dynamically balanced. Also, the tires long last for having a great cooling system.

Windows: Laguna used double windows that allow checking both tension and tracking while the machine is running.

Blade guard: the blade guard is quite functional. The blade guard can be adjustable quickly and easily. Also, the blade supports both guards easily.

  • Come in a beautiful modern design
  • Provides a micro-polished table
  • Had quick release tension feature
  • Dust cleaning and storage is great
  • Blade size and sharpness are both excellent.
  • Had large aluminum rip fence
  • The blades are a bit fiddly to adjust
  • The blade does not come in the package

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Laguna 1412 and 14bx


Motors: Both Laguna 1412 and 14bx use a 3.5 amp motor that helps them rotate the blade fast, which automatically enhances the performance.

Blades: They are both compatible with 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch width blades ranging. On both saws, the blade will affect performance almost the same. 

DIY projects: Both can be used for small and medium DIY projects. Can design any shape, makes any carve of wood.

Windows: On both, Laguna used dabble windows. This helps the system check tension and tracking while the machine is running.

Table: both tables are micro-polished. There is enough space to use kind of wood. The table tilts right at 45 degrees and left at 7 degrees.


Weight: the Laguna 14bx and Laguna 1412 weights are almost the same. The Laguna 14bx weight is 260 pounds, and the Laguna 1412 weighs 266 pounds. 

Brake system: Both have brake systems. But in the quality and using case, the Laguna 14bx brake system is better than the Laguna 14bx.

Structure: Structurally, both are pyramid-shaped bandsaws, but on taking the load, Laguna 14bx is stronger than Laguna 1412. 

Price: Laguna 14bx and Laguna 1412 are costly bandsaws; they come in under $2000. But as the older version or for some fewer functions, 1412 is more affordable than 14bx.

Which one is better between Laguna 1412 and 14bx?

Laguna 1412 and Laguna 14bx are both the same useful tools with almost the same features. But there are some differences on which basis you should take one of those. Laguna 1412 comes in a lower budget than the 14bx. So, if you are looking for a budget saw, you can go for 1412.

Another hand, for lightweight, durable, and efficiency 14bx is better. Also, 14bx finishes any task effortlessly and lasts longer than Laguna 1412. Keeping the budget side, for great productivity and features, you can choose 14bx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Laguna 14bx 110 vs. 220?

The main difference is the Laguna 110 uses a 1.75 HP motor, and 220 volt uses a 2.5 HP motor. Here 14bx 110 is smaller than the 14bx200.

Also, 14bx 200 is stronger to cut 11 and 13inch  wood better because it provides 30% to 40% more horsepower than 14bx 110.14bx 200 runs into the 6-8 amperage range, and 14bx 110 runs up to the 20 amperage range and creates more heat than 14bx 200. On this basis, Laguna 14bx 2.5 HP motors are better than laguna 110.

Q. Can we cut metal with Laguna 1412 or Laguna 14bx?

No, we cannot cut any metal with Laguna 1412 or Laguna 14bx. Laguna blades are made for cutting wood. The blades are not strong enough for cutting other materials like metal; they bend or break while cutting.

Also, we need a great amount of motor power for metal cutting, which these 1412 and 14bx machines do not have; that’s why we can’t cut metal on Laguna.

Q. Which one is better, Laguna 18BX vs 14BX?

Laguna 18bx is better than Laguna 14BX. Laguna 18BX is the next version of Laguna 14bx. Laguna 18bx uses a powerful motor and a bigger blade than 14BX, which helps to cut Laguna 18BX bigger depth. 

Other hands, the Laguna 14BX is lighter and costs less than Laguna 18BX. But the productivity and features of Laguna 18BX are way better than Laguna 14BX.

Q. Which are the best bandsaw blades for Laguna?

Blades are really important for a bandsaw or any other saw. There are some brands that really provide great bandsaw blades for Laguna machines; those are DEWALT 32 7/8 inch, POWERTEC 59 ½ inch, Bosch 64 ½ inch, and Lenox tools 44 7/8 inch bandsaw blade. 

These brands’ blades stay sharp for a long time, don’t rust, and cut really well. Also, these brands provide a replacement warranty on their blades.

Final Note

The details I provided of Laguna 1412 and 14bx, from that the Laguna 14bx has some better advantages and features. But in the marketplace, both Laguna 1412 and 14bx are the best, and both these machines perform really well from their place; you won’t get disappointed with their capacity to provide great cuts.

Choose before any cut and take all the safety precautions no matter which one to use. I hope you got all the points and choose one for your job. Thank you.

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