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Band Saw Alternative। Use 11 Effective Alternative Instead of a Band Saw

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We all know that a band saw is a heavy machine, and we use it in most heavy wood projects, but it needs a massive workspace and the main issue with this power tool.

In your different type of work basis, we may not need a band saw. That’s why we use alternatives. So, let me introduce you to some band saw alternatives that can give you a perfect cut for your selected job.

Band Saw Alternatives [Power and Hand Tools] chart:

Alternative Power ToolsAlternative Hand Tools
1. Table saw1. Japanese saw
2. Radial arm saw2. Hacksaw
3. Track saw3. Rip saw
4. Scroll saw4. Copping saw
5. Jigsaw5. Fret saw
6. Panel saw 

6 handy power tools that you can use instead of a band saw

Before starting the alternatives section, you should know a bit of the band saw.

The band saw is a highly effective tool than any other tool in the market. You will get better function and better control of it. Large material can be slice easily on it.

It has a large blade tracking knob. The universal motor used on it is very impressive. That’s how the band’s motor helps the blade to cut up to 3000ft per minute.

These six machine substitutes can do your job easily and in perfect time. You can use them for substitution of band saw and if you like those you can own it too.

Table saw

A table saw is highly productive and plays a high accuracy in cutting. Table saw blade stand top of the bench to freely put our materials on the bench and easily cut the material.

It operates with a universal electric motor which’s why you can have a smooth cut. You can cut heavy wood and materials on it within a short time. You can do your business work or your homework easily on it.

 The interesting fact is that the saw blade runs up to 5800rmp.

Radial arm saw

The radial arm saw is as much as a circular saw blade. It mounted radially on a steady stage. The best advantage of this saw is you can cut miter and rip cuts easily. you can cut your wood quickly and give your workpiece shape beautifully. 

In this saw, there is a handlebar on the side and a protector shield that protects workers from injuries.

Its blade speed can be run up to 3400rmp and can cut 10000ft per minute.

Circular Track saw

The circular track saw is an excellent alternative to a band saw. You can trust this saw without any doubt. The circular track saw is attached with a table saw, and a round saw. A track saw will cut so precisely that you can’t complain about the smooth edges.

Like other table attached saws, you just need to line up the wood or other materials on the track and slowly run through the saw with the proper direction; that’s it no extra burden.

This saw sits on a track, so there is no chance of slippage or injuries. You can easily handle it for your day-to-day work. You can cut plastics, wood, tiles, and metals on it.

Scroll saw

A scroll saw is like a table saw and band saw. The blade used on this saw is too thin and narrow. You will get a flat surface on this saw to put your materials and make it much easier to cut your materials with the narrow blade. 

The blades go up and down motion for cutting, and the blade can cut up to 1800 strokes per minute. In addition, it has many switches to control power, speed, and tension lever, making the cutting more reliable.

But this saw is for those workers who like to give different shape designs, make toys, and work on the wood and other materials.


It delivers more powerful and effective cutting performance. Its variable speed allows you to control the blade’s speed and accuracy of cuts and tackle various materials with a greater finish.

It has a multiple speed setting which allows getting more efficient work. The T-Shank blade used in this saw is very impressive. The curves cut that requires real precision and the fold position action all work together to help you complete control over your project.

Power sourceBattery needCordless electricCorded electric

 So, go ahead and check your project to the next level with the jigsaw.

Panel saw

This saw ensures smoother operation and cleanest and most precise cuts. The material used in this saw frame is steel that gives you more strength. You can cut a large piece of wood and other materials on it.

Multifunction and variable speed are available on this saw.

#5 effective Hand tool alternative to a band saw

A band saw is a mechanical wired electric tool. But these are just hand tools. But in a position where you can’t carry a band saw, or you can’t afford a band saw, you can use them on your daily basis.

These five hand tools substitutes are well strong to cut any hard and soft material. These are cheap also so that you can make it your own also.

Japanese Saw

Cutting wood with a Japanese saw is way easier for a newbie. It is easier to have a grip on this saw. The blade is too sharp and straight that you need to push your hand forward and back with a low amount of force.

It is cheap but can do various cutting jobs.


A hacksaw is a common tool for every worker. They use it for its lightweight body. You can do long cuts on it. If you curve its blade on the right side, it will slightly cut on the left, and if you curve the blade on the left, it will slightly cut it on the right side.

But if you want to cut straight, it will cut straight. That’s why its flexible steel blade can cut all types of materials.

Rip-Cut Saw

It’s a perfect saw with better cutting capability. However, the blade used on this saw is thin in the front and thick in the back. The blade is too large and flexible.

This design of the blade helps you to have a smooth cut when you push up and down. If you use your two-hand for cutting, it will be easier to cut smooth and straight.

Coping saw

Coping saw is like the smaller version of a scroll saw. This manual cutting saw has a thin and narrow blade. The frame of the saw is parallel to the blade.

Doing curve cuts and creating variable designs with it is the main specialty of this saw.

Fret saw

This saw blade is very delicate and narrow, and very fine. That helps you to have more efficiently curved and tiny circles cutting on the woods. And all the things are the same as the coping saw.

You have to practice more and more to get the perfect curve cut or circle. 


Can I use a chainsaw alternative to a band saw?

Yes, you can, but don’t use it.
A chain saw is a well-equipped powerful tool, and it can easily handle any woodcut. It is a powerful option, but you can’t have the facilities that a band saw can give you.

Corded saws or cordless saws are best?

It depends on your working condition because cordless can give you mobility, but cordless is way more powerful, and you don’t need to change the battery.

Yes, sometimes you don’t have any options except choosing the cordless one are. Most people love to use cordless power tools, so yes, cordless is the favorite one.

Though corded can’t be helpful in any area where there is no electricity, It can perform well than cordless. Corded saws need a consistent power supply from a stable source.


The alternatives that I introduced to you earlier are the best saws that I use in my life. You may find many alternatives, but I can assure you about those I show you. Those you can use in all cases and purposes.

But some can perform well in one sector, and some can perform well in other sectors because one single tool can’t be perfect for all types of cutting jobs.

But I strongly recommend you to own a band saw. I use it personally in every type of material cutting, and it performs well.

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