Jigsaw Alternatives | 10 Effective Alternative Instead for a Jigsaw

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A jigsaw is a saw which gives you the freedom to cut irregular carves. It uses a reciprocating blade, allowing you to do any design in wood or metal. You can use various types of blades here.

But if you are not comfortable with Jigsaw. In the market, you will get many jigsaw alternatives. I will be providing you detailed information about some effective saws and their uses.

Alternatives Chart:

Machine Saws Alternative JigsawHand Tools Alternative Jigsaw  
Circular saw  Concrete Saw
Mitre saw   Jab Saw
Band saw  Hacksaw
Table saw  Coping Saw
Scroll saw  Tenon Saw

An alternative should not be used for anything because an alternative can replace nothing. It also goes for the Jigsaw. All those alternative tools that I mentioned earlier on the chart can use them for a multi-purchase job.

These are not all the things you need to use. You can use home appliances. But you have to keep in your head that those won’t give you much effective results.

#5 Effective Machine Saws Alternative Jigsaw 

A jigsaw is a sort of controlled saw, which has a powerful motor that allows the blade to cut quickly in up and down motion. The blade of the Jigsaw usually points upwards to the teeth, for that it cuts upstrokes.

A jigsaw comes with a speed control switch which allows it to have variable speed. High speed is mainly for wood, and slow speed is mainly for plastic and metal.

Let’s discuss about these five substitutes saw. If you feel these are useful for your selected job. You can own it.

Circular saw

A circular can be corded and a cordless electric saw. It uses round flat blades. For cutting wood, metal, plastic, you can use a circular saw. But you have to select a good quality blade to cut these materials.

You will get the on/off switch button on the handle. Arbor nuts are used to join the blade on the circular saw. Adjusting the height and depth is also an advantage of this saw. But in this saw, creating curves is a tough thing.

Mitre saw 

Miter saw known for its accuracy capacity. It’s easy to use. The corded electric miter saw is also available in the market, and it uses round flat blades. It has an inbuilt laser marker that marks a straight line on the wood where you want to cut.

Miter saw, which gives you the fastest and smoother cut. You can angle the saw in any direction to get your best cut. But you can’t create a curve cut on it. You can smoothly set up and remove the blade on this saw.

Band saw

If you want highly uniform cutting, you can choose a band saw. In this saw, you can easily create curves and shapes. It’s nearly like Jigsaw. But it’s way far better than the Jigsaw. It gives you more control to cut materials.

You can adjust the blade height to cut large pieces of materials. Even you can adjust the speed of the saw to cut the material sharply.

Table saw

If you want to create a workshop, the best tool you can add here is the table saw, which gives you a more accurate cut. You can cut large wood on it. Even you can cut multiple blocks of wood at a time.

You can use a table saw blade to have a more controlled and measured cut. Because the table saw has a large and sharp blade, you can cut large amounts of wood pieces on it.

Scroll saw

Using a Scroll saw, one can create various types of designs and shapes. People mainly use it to shape complex designs. Its blade is mounted from top to bottom, and the blade is too thin for you to get the best view to design anything.

In this saw, you can adjust the blade and the speed also. Cutting or designing on this saw, you don’t need to be professional, but you have to take your hand’s safety. Neither can it easily cut your finger.

#5 effective Hand tools alternative Jigsaw

Before starting, let me tell you the cutting technique of these hand tools. Reading this, you will get a perfect idea about the jigsaw substitution of hand tools.

The hacksaw cuts in the forward stroke of the push, so that means when you are cutting, you have to apply downward pressure on the push, and then you have to let it back without giving pressure, and when pulling upwards won’t cut any more material.

Pushing techniques, I generally use my two hands to the handle to apply more downwards pressure. That creates great pressure and gives me a smooth cut.

Holding the material is also part of this job. If the material shakes while cutting, you won’t get a perfect cut. So grab the material as tight as you can. For that, you can use clamps.

So, let’s know about these hand tool saws.

Concrete Saw

 A concrete saw blade is suitable for wet weather, which has been excellent over the winter. The blade is also thicker than a standard saw blade. Its blade tooth is well structured, which gives it stability and rigidity.

Jab Saw

Jigsaw has a rubberized handle that minimizes the slipping chance and ensures your comfort. Because it has a sharp blade, it can cut through plastic, wood, and metal.


A hacksaw is a lightweight tool. The body and the blade size is too perfect that it gives you freedom 45degrees straight, long cuts. Its teeth are made of high-speed steel. So, you can cut any surface smoothly.

Coping Saw

Coping saw has a thin blade. The blades are parallel to the frame of the saw. Workers use this saw for having 90-degree corners or curving cuts.

Tenon Saw

This saw has an advantage which is its large blade. A tenon saw makes the deep, accurate, and straight cut. For having a quick cut, you can use this.

You won’t get the sharpest and the straight cut on these hand tools [if you are not a professional worker]. So, my suggestion is that you should take the Jigsaw.


How can I cut wood at home without a saw?

You can use a sharp knife and drill to cut wood.

Which saw to buy first?

you can buy a power saw because it guides you to have straight cuts.

What is the easiest wood to cut?

you can use balsa wood. Cutting this wood is way easier than other wood.

What kind of saw do I need to cut plywood?

To cut plywood easily, you can own a Circular Saw.

What is the most dangerous hand tool?

Most people mark Chainsaws as the most dangerous tool.

Can a chainsaw kill you?

It can give you several injuries, but working carelessly can kill you a single touch.


Having many years of working experience with this Jigsaw and the alternative tools that I mentioned earlier is the best I can assure you. For that reason, I prefer you to choose these alternatives.

If you like one of these, you can own these tools for your selective jobs. I think these will help you to find the best saw for your project.

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