Table Saw Vs Band Saw

Table Saw vs Band Saw – Which Saw is suitable For Your Next Project?

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Which one is better? It totally depends on you. Some people suggest the band saw, and some will table saw, which makes you more confused, right!

If you are debating on the table saw vs band saw, first you have to estimate your working needs, working technique, and workspace. The comparison only depends on the aspect of looking. There can be many differences between the band saw vs table saw according to your usage or need for work.


In this article, I’m going to highlight those specific points you faced in your projects and which one is best for those points. So, Let’s get an overview.

Comparison between Band saw Vs Table saw


Product type

Briefing in a short note table saw is a universal product. Anyone is willing to set up a woodshop or garage, and then the table is considered a complimentary item. 

On the other side, the band saw is a kind of pro-working tool. When there is a particular need for work like the curved cuts, you need a band saw. It gives you more types of design options. 


Construction Specifications 


If you want to know about the constriction specification, the band saw holds a serrated blade. This blade is attached to two rotating wheels, which look like the band. The cutting blade can function in both vertical and horizontal directions. 

On the other hand, the cutting blade of the table saw is made of a circular blade. This blade is attached to a table; that’s why it is called a table saw. Cutting with a table saw is more comfortable and convenient than the band saw.  


Type of Cut

Talking about the type of cut, the table saw produces sharp and straight-edged cut. It is an ideal tool for making a straight, accurate, and smooth cut. The security measures must be maintained while operating these tools because those are highly risky and hazardous tools. 

The band saw is used for curved edged cutting. As we speak earlier, the table saw is a fundamental tool. It is used for constructing an element, cutting slots, and so on. The band saw is used for making the piece more delicate and attractive. Designer cuts, curved design cuts can be done with the band saw.


Amount of Wastage

The blade of the table saw is much bigger than the band saw. As the table saw is used for more bulky works, the amount of wood wastage and wood dust is more than the band saw. The table saw can perform the heavy-duty jobs, and on the other hand, light and delicate designing are done with a band saw. So, the band’s blade is thin and straight, and it causes less amount of wastages.


Depth of cutting

The depth cut of a table saw is much higher than the band saw. The average depth of cut of the table saw is around 3.5 inches, as it is a heavy-duty cutting tool. Comparatively, the depth of cut in the band saw is small. It can cut delicate thinner pieces of wood indeed.


Amount of Vibrations 

The vibration factor is considered very important in the saw working. If you have to set up your store on any other floor than the ground floor, you must consider this parameter. The vibrating energy much higher in the table saw as it is a bulky machine. If you are looking for a quiet low vibrating saw, the band saw would be the best option.


Cutting Edge

The edge produced due to cutting by the band saw is not so much smoother. In fact, you will have to do a finishing job to cut correctly. 

On the other hand, the cut produced by the table saw is more delicate; there will be no need for any further finishing work to get the element in the assembly line. Besides, the band saw will take more than the table saw to cut the same wood piece.



In the parameter of beveling, the table saw must win this battle. No one can say that they had a better beveling experience in the band saw than the table saw. A table saw gives more precious accurate straight pieces of cut.


Working variety 


The table saw, or the band saw, well both are good in their field. If you want to make furniture with sharp edges or only have jobs like that, you must choose the table saw. Besides, if you only have jobs like designing the wooden piece or making the fillet in the edges, you have to go with the band one. But the fact is table saw is more universal and more needed around the globe.


You might have plenty of additional questions on this topic. In this portion, I would like to answer those questions of yours.

Which one is a better option, table saw, or band saw?

This actually depends on the purpose of work, but the band saw is safer and used for delicate curved cuts on the contrast table saw produces much clean, sharp cuts. Each saw has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you need only a straight cut, the table saw is better for you, but the bandsaw is better if you need a curved cut. So, like this example, both have many examples, as I mentioned earlier. Before buying, you need to identify which fulfills your recommendation. 

Can a band saw replace a table saw?

These are two different products for different purposes of work. More or less both saw ideally do for the same type of work, but they have their pros and cons both. The band saw has the power of making the curved cut that the table saw might not. But you can’t have a smooth cut as the table saw. Not only that, the cutting depth of the table saw is much higher than the bandsaw. So, the answer is No. you can not replace a table saw with the band saw totally.

What is the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw?

If I answer this question in one line, A scroll saw is a thin-bladed saw used manually, but the band is a scroll saw used along with a motor in a machine.


What is the best cheap table saw?

Best Budget Table Saws under $300:

  • DeWalt DW7485 Compact Jobsite Table Saw 
  • DeWalt DW745 Table Saw.
  • Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw
  • TACKLIFE Table Saw.
  • Genesis GTS10SB 10″ 15-Amp Table Saw. 

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