How to cut rocks with a tile saw

How to cut rocks with a tile saw? Step By Step Guide

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Using a tile saw is not much difficult, but cutting rocks using a tile saw can be difficult if you won’t use it properly.  So now the question is how to cut rocks with a tile saw in an easy way.

The answer is that if you know the basic rules of cutting with a tile saw, it would be easy by following some easy steps. Here I’m going to describe to you the easy process of cutting rocks.

Yes, there are lots of jobs which is involved with sizing various types of rocks. To size them efficiently and effectively, tile saw has known no bounds.

A tile saw equipped with appropriate attachments can give you the most delicate finishing in the field of cutting rocks. So let’s get to the point, now we will tell the procedure of cutting rocks with a tile saw.

The facts you must check before cutting:

There are some preparatory steps before you should start cutting. You also have to take some safety measures.

Find the hardness of the rocks:

Find the hardness of the rocks

Photo Credit: Rookie Rockhounding

You should check the hardness of rocks at first. As different rocks have different types of hardness, you should check it according to the category and then move further.

There is a chart of the hardness of different materials of rock, in this table minerals ranking based on Mohs Hardness scale. If you don’t know about it, here is a short note below in the table.

MineralMohs HardnessAbsolute Hardness

The Mohs Hardness Test is an essential examination for identifying mineral specimens. Mohs Hardness scale compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by 10 reference minerals.

Choosing blades and accessories:

Then according to the hardness, you must select the cutting blade and prepare your workspace. Diamond tipped blades are of excellent quality and also have great durability.

You also need some accessories for the job to be done. Like cut resistance, hand gloves is essential as the blade is very sharp and rotates at a great speed.

As we are cutting rocks, the amount of dust after cutting will be huge. So we need continuous water supply to the cutting space and also safety goggles to get rid of dust and other hazards.

Besides, cutting rocks is a very hazardous process it creates a lot of noise. So, it would be best if you needed a pair of earbuds to minimize the noise.

Checking the water supplies:

Check the water supplies
photo credit: Rookie Rockhounding

There is some tile cutting saw that does not have water supply features, but most of these have.

So, if there is no water supply in your tile saw combination, you must use a source of water supply at the cutting spot to keep the rock and the saw cool; besides it, it also minimizes the amount of dust created.

If you are cutting rock, definitely you go with a tile saw that has a water supply.

If the tile saw has a motor-based water supply system, then you should check the water reservoir of it as it has enough water or not. Without a water supply, the cutting process will be a serious mess.

Tools required for this task:

  1. Safety Equipment (Protective hand gloves, goggles, face mask, and headphones for noises)
  2. A line making marker.
  3. Rocks that you’re going to cut
  4. Bowl to keep the rocks.
  5. A good quality tile saw.

Steps you should perform to cut a rock with the tile saw:

Now here the actual game starts. You are going to learn about the actual operation here.

1. Wear safety equipment and dress appropriately

Proper dress up is essential in this case. What I mean by dress appropriately is wear safety gear. While you’re performing with a tile saw and trying to cut rocks, you deal with heavy tools and materials. Heavy tools mean serious risk. To prevent the risks, you need to wear safety equipment.

Wear safety hand gloves for proper grip and to prevent damage to your hand. It would be best if you also used goggles for unwanted drops of water, dust, and a clear view when you’re dealing with rocks.

You can also use headphones because while you’re performing, the sound will be very loud and a face mask to prevent fumes.

2. Correctly set up your workbench

Your workbench’s proper setup is essential for cutting rocks to have a proper grip and cut the rocks smoothly without any interruptions.  

Check that everything is entirely correct or not because you’re going to cut such a hard material. Any mistake can damage your whole process of work.

3. Make a visible line with a marker:

To cut the rock or the tile straight, you just need a line of visibility. So before cutting, you should draw a straight line where you want to cut with a marker. It will help you to perform the cut faster and easier.

4. Start your saw and put the rocks properly:

It would be best if you had an electric socket around your workspace. You have to plug in the saw but also check the safety measures first.

Then start the blade with the trigger in it. But do not start cutting as soon as the blade begins rotating.

Put the rocks appropriately to have an excellent clean cut. Start with a slow approach if you don’t want to waste any rock. Put one by one, hold it firmly and correctly. It is not that difficult.

5.The final step – cutting the rocks:

To get a smooth cut, please wait until it reaches its highest speed. As the blade started to cut the rock, you should put forward pressure so that the saw could advance and cut the rest of it.

Things you must be aware of during the time of operation:

  • It would be best if you did not push the rock so hard. Otherwise, the rock will tear, and it will not be used properly.
  • Please start with the slow approach; it helps you to have smooth edge cuts.
  • It would be best if you used the diamond-tipped blade.
  • You must check the water tank randomly or connect with some tap for a continuous water supply source to be a water supply all the time of operations.
  • Use proper accessories and dressing for performing these types of jobs.
  • Always use safety equipment to prevent any unwanted situation.

Safety Measures:

  • You must keep your body as far as possible to avoid contact with the blade.
  • You must maintain the tile saw very wisely. So, any unpleasant event wouldn’t take place.
  • During the operation, you must ensure that there is no source of distraction. Otherwise, a serious accident could happen.
  • Maintain the whole machine properly.


Can I cut tile with a wet saw?

Yes, wet tile saws are made for cutting tiles. You can cut porcelain, mosaic, ceramic, and all other tiles if you want to. Here is also an article on cutting tile with a tile saw; you can read this too.

Can you cut brick with a tile saw?

Yes, you can. Generally, wet tile saws are used to cut various types of tiles, and you can also use them to cut bricks, but you need to use wider blades like 10 inches of the diamond blade. You can read this article on how to cut bricks with a tile saw.


My last note will always use safety equipment, use diamond-tipped saw blades, check the water supply before cutting and start with a slow approach. Things that I have mentioned earlier also. Just follow these steps, and the result will be magic.

I hope that after going through the article, you should all the necessary points and knowledge about cutting rock with a tile saw and can perform cutting successfully. Thank you for your precious time.

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