How to Cut Bricks with Angle Grinder

How to Cut Bricks with Angle Grinder | Following 5 Simple Steps

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An Angle Grinder is a powerful tool that is used by holding in hands for grinding purposes. People otherwise called this a side grinder and a disc grinder, which is basically used for polishing and cutting bricks. 

Angle grinders are handy for cutting, removing extra material from any surface. It is a standard tool for the workers who do construction work. 

On the other hand, bricks are mainly for construction building walls and floors. For that purpose, sometimes we need to cut bricks. So, let’s talk elaborately about how to cut bricks with an angle grinder.

Cutting brick with angle grinder step by step:

  • 1. Taking measurements.
  • 2.Take safety precautions.
  • 3.Choose the right tool and quality discs.
  • 4.Cutting Bricks and with Angle Grinder Pre-Activities.
  • 5.Cutting Bricks process with Angle Grinder.

Cutting bricks is not a big deal, but it can be dangerous if we do it carelessly. So, try to follow these steps.

1. Taking measurements

Measuring is a basic thing. Measure the space you need to fill up in your design and move that estimation onto the brick. You can do this by using a pencil to put the imprint on the brick. Usually, for cutting bricks, we have to mark four surfaces of a brick.

2. Take safety precautions

Don’t be afraid. It won’t kill you. But without wearing proper safety equipment, it can give you serious injuries.

  •  Wear goggles and a mask to protect your eye from dust and tiny brick pieces.
  •  Wear masks. While cutting, it creates dust that can go through your nose that can cause asphyxia.
  •  Wear quality hand gloves. Neither the blade of the angle grinder can cut through your hand.
  •  Wear ear protection. While cutting, it causes a large amount of noise that can disturb your ear.

Note: Don’t do this work unconsciously.

3. Choose the right tool and quality discs

You should choose wheel size wisely. The smaller one, 155mm disc, can’t cut deeper, but the larger one, 230mm disc, can cut deep.

You can choose diamond blades. This disc has the maximum cutting capability. 

4. Cutting Bricks and with Angle Grinder Pre-Activities

It is not so difficult to cut bricks with an angle cutter.

Firstly, we have to set up the workbench. There should be some things included on the workbench, like a piece of plywood or that type of thing on top. Including these, you may have an excellent setup to cut the bricks.

5. Cutting Bricks process with Angle Grinder

After doing or taking measurements and safety precautions, you are ready to cut the brick.

Put the marked brick in the workbench. After that, you have to hold the Angle grinder firmly in one hand and its blade near to the brick; activate the tool by turning on the switch. 

Then gradually lower the sharp blade to the brick surface and start cutting on the marked surfaces in bricks one by one. You have to guide it carefully and try not to push it down with a lot of effort. After cutting, the brick is ready to be snapped. Some people also snap with a hammer.

If you want to cut brick with one pass, you need to know these things like angle grinder size and the brick size.

For instance, an angle grinder processor is used to cut around 2-¼ inches deep using a 4-½-inch sharp blade. On the other hand, around 4-½ inches depth can be cut using a 9-inch angle grinder.

There are different types and size bricks are available in the market, like 1- 5/8-inch through 2-3/4- inch thick bricks are coming in this usual range. On that

time the angle grinder size is important to cut in one pass.


Can you cut brick by hand?

First of all, mark the brick with a pencil where you want to cut. Then pick a hammer and chisel and strike the chisel with the hammer along the marked line.

Can I use a grinder for cutting concrete?

Yes, of course, you can. It is the most helpful instrument for little concrete cutting work. But it will surely perform poorly.

Can I use a metal cutting disc on concrete?

Yes, you can use a metal cutting disc on concrete.

Can you cut firebrick with a hacksaw?

Fire bricks are very soft. With a hacksaw, you can cut them easily.

Who makes the best angle grinder?

Overall best, Makita makes the best angle grinder.

Can a Dremel cut concrete and metal?

Dremel is mainly for cutting concrete, but you shouldn’t use it on metal. It will perform poorly on the metal.

Who makes the best die grinder?

In my opinion, DeWalt makes the best die grinder.

Is the angle grinder safe to use?

As long as you take the safety equipment, it is safe. But if you use it unconsciously, it can cause you vital injuries.


Reading this article, you have already understood that how useful the angle grinder is for cutting bricks. I used different models of angle grinder for my site work. 

It never disappointed me. That’s why I am sharing my thoughts with you and don’t take any negative thoughts about angel grinder. I hope that you like my article.

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