How to Bend PVC Pipe with Heat Gun? [4 Easy Steps]

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PVC pipes are rigid and impact resistible. PVC pipes are also inflexible in their design, so it is tough to bend them. But you can bend PVC pipes if you use a heat gun.

PVC pipes are extremely valuable for DIY projects like making a custom stockpiling unit or grass furniture or building a stopgap gazebo tent. And building this kind of furniture, projects, or items, you need to bend them. That’s why bending the PVC pipe with a heat gun is gigantically valuable.

And The most important thing is molding the channel into the ideal shape for the work can save you time, disappointment, and cash. So without any delay, let’s find out How to Bend PVC Pipe with Heat Gun.

4 Easy Steps to Bend PVC Pipes with a Heat Gun

Yes, it’s hard to bend a PVC pipe but not impossible. You only need to know the rules of bending a PVC pipe, then boom. Here I explain the exact rules in 4 easy steps, so let’s jump into it..

1. Take measurements

First of all, you have to measure the PVC pipe. You have picked the point where you want to bend the pipe. Neither, where you want to fit it, it won’t fit there.

2. Taking safety precautions

You must wear at least one heat resistance glove on that hand where you hold the pipe. And you should wear a glass. Neither heat temperature can cause serious problems to your eyes.

3. Giving Heat in PVC Pipe with Heat Gun

After measuring and taking safety precautions, then we have to hold the heat gun above the PVC pipe that we need to bend.

For getting better and accurate results, you have to hold the heat gun at least 3/4inches above the PVC pipe. It depends on which point and the pipe you want to bend; for that, you can take more inches according to your need.

After giving heat for some time, you must rotate the PVC pipe at the opposite part of the pipe and start heating again. We all know that in certain temperatures, we can change the shape of the materials.

At one point while heating, PVC pipe will start softening. When it is soft at a particular level, it will be ready to bend. But you have to use and choose good brand pipes for heating. Otherwise, the lower PVC pipes will melt during giving shapes, and accidents may occur.

4. Bending Process Using Heat Gun

It is possible to change or give any shape to a PVC pipe if you use a heat gun and heat the pipe properly. To do that, firstly, one has to wear heat-resistant gloves and grab the hot PVC pipe and try to give it a shape slowly.

When the desired shape is attained, one should try to cool it. In case of cooling it, one can use cold water. But many people face kinking or cracking problems.

The process is simple. One can bend PVC pipe with just a heat gun. But then it still will have the risk of cracking or kinking. To prevent it from cracking or kinking, we will need and duct tape. We will need to put duct tape in one part, and we will have to sand up that part of the pipe that we want to bend. So, it is possible to bend the pipe without kinking or cracking.

Heat weakens of PVC Pipe

No matter what material it is, if it is heated with its melting temperature or less, it will be bend. So the important part is temperature or heat; you should pick a solid heat gun to bend a pipe. A good quality heat gun can produce enough heat to bend your PVC pipes. So don’t worry 🙂

How Far a PVC Pipe Can be Bended

We can bend PVC pipes in any shape or at any angle when the pipe is hot. We have to heat the PVC pipe, and the PVC pipe will be ready to be bend in any shape and angle. We can bend it from 0°-90° angles and to 45° angles also.

We can even make circles. But some manufacturers have some limitations in bending a pipe. In that case, we should follow those limitations to bend the pipe and not overdo it.


  • The workplace must be well ventilated.
  • The worker must wear heat-resistant gloves.
  • Before doing work on the main PVC Pipe, have to practice heating on another unwanted PVC first a couple of times.
  • Never try to overheat the PVC pipe. That way, it will create some spots in the PVC pipe, which definitely will not good. If spots are accidentally created, one can paint their PVC pipe to hide the spots.


Can you bend PVC pipe with heat?

One can use a hairdryer lighter to heat PVC pipe to bend.

Should One wear any gloves while heating the PVC pipe?

Yes, absolutely, one should wear heat-resistant gloves while heating the PVC pipe.

How to cool the hot PVC bent pipe?

The best and the easiest way to cool the bent PVC pipe is to cool it with cold water after work.

Is PVC pipe Durable?

PVC pipes are durable and long-lasting.

Is it safe to bend PVC pipe?

Yes, it is safe to bend PVC pipe. But when giving heat to the PVC pipe, one should be careful.


According to my experience of working with Pvc pipe, it is durable and long-lasting. I think PVC pipes are a good option instead of metal pipes.

Whenever you try to bend PVC pipe with a heat gun, don’t forget to take safety precautions first. Neither can it cause you a serious health injury. I hope you understand.

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