Dewalt DCF885 vs Dewalt DCF887

DeWalt DCF885 vs DeWalt DCF887 – Which One is Better to Choose?

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An impact driver is an efficient tool for a worker to drive screws, bolts, and nuts and drill holes faster with great accuracy in various materials. For that, DEWALT drivers can be the most reliable tools to do these.

DeWalt DCF885 and DCF887 are the most popular impact drivers from DeWalt’s 20V MAX series. Whereas the Dewalt DCF887 is the newer model and provides more motor power, multiple-speed torque and extended battery life. Another hand, the Dewalt DCF885 costs less and offers a quick-change chuck and quick and easily usable capability.

So, let’s get a detailed overview and comparison between DeWalt DCF885 vs DeWalt DCF887 and get which one is better to purchase for your project need.

Comparison Table Between DeWalt DCF885 and DCF887

FeaturesDCF885ir?t=twahed 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B007ML7GDEDCF887
Torque1400 in-lbs240 to 1500 to 1850 in-lbs
Speed2800 RPM1000, 2800, and 3250 RPM
Screw driveFastFaster
Precision drive modeNoYes
Led lightYesYes
Chuck size ¼ inch¼ inch
Heat dissipationLowHigh
Warranty3 years3 years
Reverse rotationNoYes

Dewalt DCF885 vs Dewalt DCF887

Dewalt DCF885

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DeWalt DCF885 is a battery-powered compact driver from DEWALT. The main advantage of this planer is its high torque, durable construction, long battery life and lightweight design for long-life working.

This cordless driver is mainly used for driving screws, bolts, and nuts and drilling holes in various materials and is much more suitable for tough jobs.

Dewalt DCF887

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Unlike the DeWalt DCF885, DCF887 is a brushless 3-speed setting battery-powered impact driver from DEWALT. This driver is more lightweight to hold and work for a long time.

The main advantage of this driver is its more runtime capacity, variable speed trigger, precision drive mode and ergonomic design. Like the DeWalt DCF885, this driver can also use for driving screws, bolts, and nuts and drilling holes in various materials.

Similarities and differences Between DeWalt DCF887 and DCF885

Motor and Power

In the DeWalt DCF885, you get a brushed motor, and in the DeWalt DCF887, you get a brushless motor which generates more power, is highly efficient, and produces less heat than the brushed motor, and you will get an incredibly high-calibre performance.

Torque and Speed

In the DCF885, you get a one-speed setting that provides 1400 in-lbs torque and generates 2800 RMP speed while on the other hand, the DCF887 driver runs on three torques from 240 to 1500 to 1850 in-lbs and generates1000 to 2800 to 3250 RPM speed gives you better control and accuracy while driving Screws and drilling holes on different surfaces.


The impact per minute is also better on the DCF887 to put the nut and drill better. As you get 0-3600 IPM on the DCF887 driver and 0-3,200 IPM on the DCF885 driver.

Precision drive mode

You get a handy feature precision drive mode on the DeWalt DCF887, which is missing in the DCF885. This feature automatically adjusts the speed and torque depending on the driving on the different surfaces you work to provide more precise control.

Design and weight

Both the DCF885 and DCF887 drivers are compact and have a durable construction to give you the freedom to work in tight places. But the ergonomic design makes the DCF887 more lightweight ‎(2 pounds) to hold and work for a long time than the DCF885 driver.

Led light

Both the DEWALT DCF885C1 and DCF887B featured 3 led lights on the front to make the mark visible where you are going to put a net or drill. Also, after trigger release both delays 20 seconds for visibility without shadows.

Note: The other versions of DEWALT DCF885C1 don’t have led light features.

Noise level

Both the driver sounds louder while putting nail and driver, but compared to DCF885, DCF887 generates low noise, which is approximately 96 decibels.

Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is better on the DeWalt DCF887 as it features a brushless motor and Precision Drive mode to generate less heat and uses optimal power and speed for the specific workload to reduce heat generation and extend the tool’s life.

Reverse rotation

The DCF887 has a built-in reverse rotation feature, while the DCF885 does not. It usually helps to remove nuts while driving nuts or screws, which saves your time and effort.

Chuck size and release

Both DCF885 and DCF887 have ¼” chuck, which allows driving hex shank bits. The DCF887 has a quick-release chuck, while the DCF885 has a standard chuck-release mechanism with an easy-grip sleeve.


The Trigger is well placed and more accurate to click on the DCF887 driver than the DCF885 driver.


Both the DCF885 and DCF887 use 20V Lithium-Ion batteries to power the driver. but the battery lifetime or working time you get better on the DCF887 driver as it has a highly efficient brushless motor.


The DCF885 costs more than the DCF887 driver. The DCF885 driver costs under $180, and the DCF887 driver costs under $160.


Both this DeWalt’s 20V MAX series have 3 years warranty.

Which one is better between DeWalt DCF885C1 and DCF887B?

The DeWalt DCF885C1 and DCF887B are high-quality cordless drivers with excellent performance and durability.

The significant difference between the two models is the motor and power output. DCF887 has a brushless motor, which provides greater efficiency, more power and a longer lifespan than the brushed motor featured in the DCF885.

Another difference you will notice is the torque and speed. The DeWalt DCF887 delivers more torque and 3-speed settings than the DCF885 driver, making it a better choice and providing better control over the tool for more precise results.

In conclusion, the newer model DEWALT DCF887B offers more power, greater control, and a more compact design, making it a better choice for heavy-duty nailing and drilling tasks, even in tough surfaces and tight spaces.

DeWalt DCF885C1

DeWalt DCF887B

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Dewalt DCF887 and dcf887b?

The features and the design are the same on the Dewalt DCF887 and dcf887b. The only thing that differs is that the Dewalt DCF887 comes with a battery and charger means sold as a kit but the Dewalt dcf887b comes without these only the driver you get and costs less than the Dewalt DCF887.

What is the difference between a DEWALT hammer drill and impact driver?

The main difference between a DEWALT hammer drill and impact driver is the impact driver is used for driving nails, screws, and occasionally drilling holes into wood and metal, but the hammer drill is used for mainly drilling into tough materials.
The hammer drill provides higher RPM and lower torque and creates more vibrations and noise. On the other hand, an impact driver provides lower RPM and higher torque and creates less vibrations and noise compared to a hammer drill.

What is the difference between a DEWALT impact driver and impact Wrench?

The main difference between a DEWALT impact driver and impact Wrench is the impact driver used for impact driver is used for driving nails and screws in woodworking and construction but the impact wrench is used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts in construction and automotive repairs.
The impact driver provides higher RPM and lower torque and creates less vibrations and noise. On the other hand, an impact wrench provides lower RPM and higher torque and creates more vibrations and noise compared to an impact driver.


DeWalt DCF885 and DCF887 both are tools of DeWalt’s 20V MAX series. They have almost the same structure and design and are great for using tight spaces. But in power and accuracy, the DeWalt DCF887 is well ahead of the DCF885 but the DeWalt DCF885 costs less and can do all the driving works like the DCF887.

However, the DCF885 is still a solid choice for those who need a reliable and durable impact driver for more moderate applications. Thank you.

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