Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Blades

Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Blade For Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, And Glass Tiles

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As a professional, I had to deal with many problems while cutting the wet or dry tile; at that time, the greater problem I faced was with the blade, and I saw that a huge side of people faced these types of problems, too that reduced their cutting accuracy. 

But being different brands of wet cutting blades, they failed to find a quality 7-inch wet tile saw blade. So, I tried to figure out all the problems using and researching various bands of different blades, which helped me find out the best one for exact porcelain, ceramic, or other materials tiles.

Here I will provide you with the 9 best 7-inch wet tiles saw blades for different needs, which will be good in quality with a purchasable price.

Best Blade For Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles: QEP 6-7003Q 7-Inch Premium

Professional Usage: Lack Mond 7-Inch Beast

Budget-Friendly: Go Yonder 2 Pack 7 Inch Blade

Best 7 Inch Tile Saw Blade for Glass Tiles: MK Diamond 156651

User Friendly: Go Yonder Super Thin Diamond Ceramic Saw Blade

#3 Top 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Blades Comparison

QEP 6-7003Q 7-Inch Diamond Blade
QEP 6-7003Q 7-Inch Diamond Blade
  • Material: Metal
  • Rim Design: Continuous mess
  • Rim Edge: Thin
  • Rotation: 8730 RPM
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Dry and Wet cutting
  • Dual-channel speed
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Pavers, Porcelain 
LackMond 7-Inch Beast Pro Porcelain Saw Blade
LackMond 7-Inch Beast Pro Porcelain Saw Blade
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Rim Design: Continuous mess
  • Rim Edge: Thin
  • Rotation: 6115 RPM
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Wet cutting
  • Affordable
  • Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Stone
Go Yonder 2 Pack 7 Inch Diamond Saw Blade
Go Yonder 2 Pack 7 Inch Diamond Saw Blade
  • Material: Iron
  • Rim Design: Turbo X teeth
  • Rim Edge: Super thin
  • Rotation: 8000-11000 RPM
  • Arbor: 5/8 and 7/8 inch
  • Dry and Wet cutting
  • Low [Budget Friendly]
  • Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass, Stone, Marble

#9 Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Blades

1. QEP 6-7003Q 7-Inch Diameter Premium Diamond Blade

91UnbC9jGIL. AC SL1500

QEP 6-7003Q is a steel construction continuous rim design 7-inch diameter blade from QEP. The main advantage of this blade is its diamond-coated cutting edge and versatility on both wet and dry cutting.

This blade is reliable for cutting both tile and stone materials, and you get one piece of a blade in the package.


Blade Build: it’s a diamond blade with a thin base and core. This wobble-free blade gives long-lasting performance and provides smooth and precious cuts.

Rim: this blade is a continuous rim blade, and the rims are diamond coated which provides an accurate cut with minimal chipping and can be used for cutting ceramic tile, granite, marble, and other materials.

Rotation: This QEP 6-7003Q 7-Inch blade’s maximum rotation is 8730 RPM. Also, this blade can be run at dual-channel speed, which can increase the cutting power and won’t vibrate aggressively or move from one side to another.

Arbor: QEP 6-7003Q tile saw blade has a 5/8 Inch arbor adapter that fits wet tile saws and as well handhold tools.

Usage: This universal cutting blade performs well enough on dry and wet tile cutting.

With this diamond-coated blade, you can get more efficiency on both dry and wet cutting and have the precious finish on both the tile and stone. For that, it is the best 7-inch diameter blade to buy under $20.

2. BOSCH DB743S 7-Inch Continuous Rim Diamond Blade

BOSCH DB743S is a diamond-coated continuous rim design cutting blade from BOSCH. The main advantage of this blade is its segment height which is higher than the other blades, to make deeper cuts and have longer blade life.

You can use this blade on both dry and wet cutting applications and make cuts on both tile and natural stones. You get only one blade in this package.


Blade Build: this steel-made diamond blade is really thin, and the tension steel core provides stability. Also, it won’t rust or damage easily and performs for a long time on wet and dry cutting.

Rim: This continuous rim blade is diamond-coated and provides rugged and sharp edges, which gives the cleanest cuts and reduces chipping. 

Rotation: this BOSCH DB743S 7-Inch blade rotates up to 8500 RMP. This blade really can take high speed and won’t sway from side to side. Also, the speed is best for cutting tile and stone.

Arbor: the arbor adapter size is 5/8 inch. It is wide and fits almost any wet tile cutting saws.

You can fit this blade on most of the tile and angle grinders for its 5/8-inch standard arbor size and easily cut your desired materials like tile, porcelain, marble and stones for the diamond-coated rim, which will cost you under $25.

3. Go Yonder 2 Pack 7 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

81EHnoedGbL. SL1500

Go Yonder is a diamond coated X rim design tile and natural stone cutting blade. The main advantage of this blade is its super thin design, which gives multiple benefits like minimal chipping and reduces friction and excess heat.

This blade is reliable for cutting tile, marble, porcelain, granite and bricks. The good thing is that you get 2 blades in this package.


Blade Build: this metal build diamond blade is 2.88 mm thick. It is hot pressed and super thin to provide long-lasting performance with smooth and precious cuts.

Rim: Go Yonder provided X teeth turbo mesh rim to ensure clean and smooth performance in this blade. Also, it ensures fast cutting and long service life.

Rotation: this super-thin blade can rotate up to 8000-1000 RMP. This huge speed does not damage the material or vibrate much while cutting. Also, keep the accuracy of cutting.

Arbor: it supports or fits two types of arbors, 7/8″ or 5/8″, which gives an advantage of supporting most tile saws and handheld grinders to cut Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble, stone, and ceramic easily.

For the X-teeth rim and slim design, this blade can provide you with smooth and fast cutting in both wet and dry applications. Also, those who need two blades at an affordable price can take this blade for under $40.

4. QEP 6-7001Q 7″ Continuous Rim Diamond Blade

71+E0VhVS5L. AC SL1500

QEP 6-7001Q is another steel-constructed continuous rim design blade from QEP. The main advantage of this blade is its high RPM rotation support and the diamond-coated rim, which reduces chipping and improves performance.

This blade is superb for cutting ceramic and porcelain tile cutting. you get one blade in the package.


Blade Build: this is a steel-made blade with a thin core and base. The steel construction makes this blade durable and long-lasting. Also, the wobble-free blade surface gives great performance and provides smooth and precious cuts.

Rim: continuous diamond rim is used in this blade. This diamond rim blade’s thin edge ensures minimal chipping and a clean cut.

Rotation: this blade runs at a good speed of 8730 RPM. This blade does not move side by side or vibrate much at the max speed. Also, it supports dual-channel speed, which ensures accurate performance and finishes.

Arbor: in this blade, they provided a 5/8 Inch arbor adapter that fits handhold tools and saws well.

Usage: this dual-speed channel blade can be used in both dry and wet cutting. But in wet cutting, you will get the maximum performance to cut ceramic tile, marble, and porcelain tile.

Though the blade is durable and we constructed, this blade supports only wet cutting and gives you wobble-free smooth and precious cutting performance. Also, the blade is very affordable to buy under $16.

5. Lack Mond 7-Inch Beast Pro Porcelain Saw Blade

71tXo iU2NL. AC SL1500

Lack Mond is an alloy steel construction 7-Inch contentious rim blade. This blade is mainly for wet cutting. The main advantage of this blade is its thin kerf cutting edge, which helps to reduce chipping and make fast cutting.

Also, the hubs on the blade head help to reduce noise and ensure straight cuts. You will get one beast blade in the package.


Blade Build: this Alloy steel build diamond blade comes with a thin kerf and is reinforced with a silent core hub, making this blade durable and accurate. Also, it doesn’t rust easily and damages less. 

Rim: they provided a continuous diamond rim this blade with a thin blade. So, one helps to cut without chipping, and another ensures a straight cut and reduces noise.

Rotation: this blade’s max rotation speed is 6115 RMP. It’s quite good speed can easily cut Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Marble.

Arbor: in this blade, they provided a 5/8 inch arbor which is designed to fit circular saws, chop saws, hand grinders, and handheld saws.

Because of the alloy steel construction, you can use this blade for hard tile cutting means porcelain and stone tile cutting is much easier on this blade. The price of only one blade is a little bit high; this blade cost you under $45.

6. DEWALT DW4712 7-Inch Diamond wet tile saw blade

81EJrW34gUL. AC SL1500

DEWALT DW4712 is a high RPM continuous rim diamond blade from DEWALT. The main advantage of this blade is its thinner kerf and high RPM running capability to provide the best performance.

For the well structure, this blade last 200X more than the other blades. In the package, you will get only one blade.


Blade Build: DEWALT DW4712 is a stainless steel build blade with a thinner kerf and core. Also, a high-performance diamond matrix gives 200x the existence of ordinary abrasives and improved material expulsion.

Rim: This blade’s continuous rim thin kerf ensures clean and precious cuts. Also, it ensures minimal chipping and minimizes dust.

Rotation: this diamond blade can run up to 8700 RPM. At its maximum speed, it doesn’t unusually vibrate. Also, it supports dual-channel speed and doesn’t lose the accuracy of cutting.

Arbor: the center of the blade supports a 5/8″ or a 7/8″ arbor which can be used in almost any tile saw and hand saws.

This blade performs best in wet cutting, but with this blade, you can also make dry cutting, which will be excellent on any tile and stone material. This efficient and durable blade will cost under $15.

7. Go Yonder Super Thin Diamond Ceramic Saw Blade

81Om8boorDL. SL1500

This is another Go Yonder X-teeth super thin design diamond blade. The main advantage of this blade is its turbo rim design which gives you more efficiency while cutting and provides longer life.

This Go Yonder blade supports dual arbor-size holes, which fit most tiles and angle grinders. Only one blade you get in the package.


Blade Build: from Go Yonder, it is iron made super 1.44mm thin blade. The surface is a mess, and the iron made gives this blade great stability. It can handle any tough workload and lasts a long life.

Rim: 10mm diamond turbo rim X teeth mesh design used in this blade. The edges help to increase work efficiency, which provides a clean and smooth cut and provides a longer survival life.

Rotation: this blade does rotate at a very good speed, rotating 8000 -11000 RPM. Cuts quickly and accurately. But for the speed, it creates great friction while cutting dry. It easily cuts Porcelain tile, Granite, Marble, stone, and ceramic.

Arbor: they provided a universal arbor hole. This blade can fit any 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch arbor clip, which fits any tile saws and handheld angle grinders.

Usage: This blade can be used in both dry and wet cutting. Only on dry cutting do you get much friction which means less performance. This blade can be used as a diamond, ceramic tile, or porcelain tile blade.

This blade is mainly designed for cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles, and other’s cutting won’t be much precious. But you won’t get any drift and cracking during cutting, and this blade costs under $20.

8. MK Diamond 156651 MK-215GL 7-Inch Diamond Blade

61nVVN2MIAL. AC SL1000

MK Diamond 156651 is a supreme grade metal bond diamond blade from MK Diamond. This blade is specifically made for cutting glass tiles, glass blocks, and fused glass but easily cuts other materials like ceramic and porcelain tile.

In the box, they provided a one-piece 7-inch Alloy steel diamond blade. This one-piece blade price is a little bit high for its premium build.


Blade Build: MK Diamond 156651 is alloy steel made thin base and core blade. On the surface, there is a messy design. The alloy steel made makes the blade really durable and long-lasting. Also, keep this rust or corrosion-free.

Rim: Continuous rim used in this MK-215GL blade formulated with metal bond and diamond chip, which makes the edge sharp and durable, provides chip-free cutting, and eliminates breakout.

Rotation: the maximum rotation speed is 5500 RMP which seems slow, but this speed cuts accurately and fast. Also, enhance the blade’s lifetime. You will get more accuracy during wet cutting because it’s a wet tile cutting saw.

Arbor: This blade’s round hole will fit 5/8 inch arbor size tile saws, hand grinders, or production-type applications.

If you are especially looking for a glass cutting blade, I assure you that this blade will be perfect for you for around $70.

9. Delta Diamond Premium 7-Inch Porcelain Tile Blade

71 swf5PCvL. SL1500

Delta is a high-speed steel constructed ceramic and porcelain cutting blade. The main advantage of this blade is its high RPM rotation support and cutting through tough materials.

The best part is that you can make the rim new whenever your blade gets dull using a dressing stone and paver.


Blade Build: Delta Diamond is a steel-made 0.60mm thin blade. The body or the core is made with heat-treated high-speed steel, and a wobble-free blade ensures durability and breakage-free straight fast cutting.

Rim: the continuous thin rim is diamond coated. This thin rim is 8mm tall, and’s cutting capability is almost 1inch. Also, the diamond concentration ensures a chipping-free clean cut.

Rotation: this blade does rotate at a good speed of 5100 to 8730 RPM. This blade cuts really well at a slower speed. At lower speed, it reduces friction, increases accuracy, causes less damage to the material, and less vibration.

Arbor: here, they provided a 7/8 inch arbor and with that provided 5/8 inch bushing. It is like a universal arbor hole and fits any handheld grinder or circular saw.

Usage: in both dry and wet cutting, this blade is suitable. Dry cutting can reduce performance and increase friction as a wet tile saw. The circle ring can be removed for the larger arbor.

This is a professional-grade quality blade that provides you with chip-free and smooth cutting and can be used in both dry and wet cutting applications. For the tough build quality, this blade costs a little more, gets under $40.

Buying guide

There are multiple types of blades in the market. While buying one of those, you have to forget that a high price blade will always be good, and a low-price blade will always be bad.

You have to think about which offers me good material with multiple features. Here I will provide you with a view of how you can choose a blade that won’t waste your money and reduce accidental incidents.

Material: various brands use different materials in their products; metal and steel materials are the most common and quality materials for blades. These materials make the blade durable and provide strength. 

Also, if the blade is heat-treated high-speed steel or a blend of diamonds, it will enhance the blade’s performance and reduce its vulnerability.

Blade design: mostly continuous rim, segmented rim, and turbo rim blades we have seen in the market. These rim blades are really good; they minimize chipping. But if the rim is diamond-coated and has X teeth or matrix design, it would have an advantage; it ensures fast and smooth cutting.

But no matter which one you choose, the rim should be thin and diamond-coated. This enhances the cutting capability of the blade, reduces heating and friction, and enhances fast cutting.

Blade speed: speed is one of the important elements to check while buying. Some material cuts good at high speed, and some cuts good at slow speed. Slow-speed cutting generates heat and enhances the lifetime of the blade.

While cutting on high speed cuts accurately but damages the material, generates much heat, and reduces blade lifetime. But as a wet cutting, you can use high-speed cutting.

Also, it would be great if you chose a blade that supports dual channel speed. So that while cutting, you can speed up and down as needed.

Arbor: it depends on your tile saw hook; which arbor size did you saw had. You can choose a universal arbor hole; a universal arbor hole supports both 5/8 inch and 7/8 inch.

Price: I reviewed both low and high-priced wet tile saw blades in the list. You can check those to get a broad idea about pricing with quality. Also, you can choose one of the blades from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use a 7-inch blade on a 10-inch tile saw?

The blade inch does not matter to fit on a large or small tile saw if the blade has a universal 7/8″ or 5/8″ adapter arbor ring. That means if a 7-inch blade has a universal arbor adapter, you can easily put it on a 10-inch arbor-diameter tile saw.

Q. How long does a porcelain blade last?

It depends on which speed you cut or what purpose you use the blade. On high or low-speed cuts and softer or harder material cutting porcelain blades last less or more. On ideal usage, porcelain blades last around 12-13 hours.

Q. What kind of blade do you use to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles?

As we know, ceramic and porcelain are harder materials to cut with a normal blade; therefore, choosing a special blade such as a diamond blade is the best option to cut both ceramic and porcelain tile.

But you can consider other materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile blades to cut ceramic and porcelain tile; these will cut the tile accurately and smoothly.

Q. Which rim designs are best for cutting?

X teeth or matrix rim designs are the best for cutting. They both provide smooth and chip-free cuts in any wet or dry applications.
Again, the rim design has to be thin and sharp for accurate and fine cutting.

Q. Should I use a 7-inch dry or Wet tile saw blade?

Heat is generated for friction while cutting. For that, you should use 7-inch wet tile saw blades. A wet tile saw blade cools down the blade heat with water while cutting. On the other hand, a dry tile saw can’t do much of these things and loses speed and cutting smoothness.

Final Note

After doing a lot of research and using almost all of them, I chose these 7-inch wet tile saw blades to make your cutting job easy and smooth. Also, provide you with fast and accurate cutting. 

But even a quality full or superior blade can cause injury to you easily. So before starting cutting, try to wear quality gloves, headphones, and goggles to protect your body from unnecessary injuries. I hope you get help reading this article.

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