Best Replacement Blades for Dewalt 735 Planer

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Replacement blades are not that the stock blades are garbage. On the contrary, they cut and perform quite well and do not cost much. The DeWalt DW735 planer comes with three-head reversible and disposable blades already installed. 

People look for replacement blades to have a more effective cutting capability or to have a lower price than the original ones; HSS and carbide blades are two examples.

Here I will discuss the best replacement blades for Dewalt 735 planer. Also, are they better than the original Dewalt OEM? And, if they are superior, which brand should I select? So, let’s get to all of them.

Dewalt 735 planer blade

Dewalt M2 HSS

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Before replacing the original blade that Dewalt manufacturers provide along with the Dewalt 735 planer, you should know its description to know whether the blades you are replacing are good or bad. 

Dewalt manufacturers use M2 laminated tool steel blades on every planer. Whereas the M2 tool steel is also referred to as high-speed steel, and it is heat-treated made of 7% molybdenum, 0.60% carbon, tungsten, and vanadium which they call tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel.

Also, this blade is reversible and disposable, ensures 30% more lifetime, and is used two times without sharpening.

Replacement of Dewalt M2 HSS with other Brands M2 HSS

You can choose from the best M2 HSS brand blades instead of Dewalt planer M2 HSS blades are FOXBC, JTEX, and POWERTEC.

Best Replacement Blades for Dewalt 735 Planer

High-speed Steel [HSS] blades

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It is a 13-inch heat-treated reversible double-edge blade with machined locator hole positions for replacing blade knives on the DW735 and DW735X thickness planers. All three knives are durable, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant.

They are made of high-speed steel [T1 HSS] material with heat treatment and forging from high-chromium steel, which makes them thicker and last 4 times longer than the Dewalt original ones. Additionally, using ceramic-bonded silicon carbide wheels keeps them sharper for longer.

  • Hardened sharp edge stay sharper and last longer
  • Wear resistance for long-term durability
  • Thicker than OEM knives
  • Reversible dual-cutting edges
  • Usable for a variety of woodworking applications
  • Temperate protection
  • Potentially more expensive long-term

Replacement of Dewalt M2 HSS with other brands HSS[T1-HSS] blades

You can choose from the best brands of HSS blades instead of Dewalt planer M2 HSS blades or Dewalt 735 planer blades, which are Infinity and POWERTEC, to get the best and most reliable prices.

Carbide blades 

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It is also a 13-inch carbide-tipped single-edge planer knife with machined locator hole positions for easy and premium replacement blades for the DW735 and DW735X Thickness Planers.

They are constructed with a multi-Axis automated unique micro grain carbide tip brazed to a tough steel body which guarantees the strongest possible connection between carbide tips and steel bodies, ensuring 10 times more lifetime, sharpness, and productivity than the T1 HSS and M2 HSS.

  • Usable for 10 times longer
  • C.N.C. machined bodies with no casting
  • Easy and the same to install as OEM knives
  • Silver non-stick coating
  • Can chip staples or rocks from wood
  • Usable for a variety of woodworking applications
  • Cost higher than T1 HSS and M2 HSS

Replacement of Dewalt M2 HSS with other brands carbide blades

You can choose from the best brands of carbide blades instead of Dewalt planer blades or Dewalt 735 planer blades, which are Infinity and Titan, to get the best and most reliable prices.

Upgrade cutterhead to replace blades for Dewalt 735 planer

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A Cutterhead upgrade is also one of the most beneficial long-term cost-saving replacement options nowadays for a planer owner. 

Instead of replacing blades on the straight knife cutterhead, you can upgrade the cutterhead. For example, the Helical or Shelix design cutterhead uses small blades instead of long straight blades on the DeWalt DW735 and DW735X.

The Helical and Shelix cutterhead design features smaller knives or blades, and the positive thing is that you can use its 4 sides means 4 times, and if an insert gets dull, you just need to rotate it for easy replacement. This upgrade and replacement of blades not just increase performance and chip removal but also save cost.

You can use carbide knives to replace conventional HSS and M2 HSS knives for 10 times more lifetime and cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change the blades on a DeWalt DW735 planer?

You can easily change DeWalt DW735 planer blades as its cutter head comes with locating dowels. To change the blade, first, you must remove the top cap using a wrench that you get on the top. After that, you will see 3 red screws; unscrew those and remove the chip shroud. 

On the corner, you can see a little latch, press that down and rotate the cutterhead to select the dull blade between the three knives and release it to lock the blades. You will see 8 screws holding the blade now, take the wrench and unscrew them all. Then take the cover off and take the blade off. 
After that, reverse the blade or take a new blade and place it. After that, undo the processes you have done, and then you are ready to plane wood.

Note: If you have a DeWalt DW735X thickness planer, the process of changing the blade will remain the same.

How do you sharpen a DW735 blade?

To sharpen the DW735 blade take a whetstone and diamond stone. Then soak the whetstone and rub the diamond stone on it to make the surface flat. After doing this, take the blade, and grip it tightly and carefully so that it doesn’t slip and cut your hand while sharpening.

Angle the blade between 15 and 25 degrees, place it on the whetstone, and repeatedly back and forth the long blade to sharpen it. To check whether the blade is sharp or not, tap on its edge; if it is sharp, the blade will bite in; if it slides, it is dull.

Note: Don’t sharpen it too much; neither the fixed pinpoint will be reduced and can cause snipe.

How do I know if my planer blades are dull?

By looking at some signs, you can easily know whether your blade is dull. First, if your planer is making burn marks even in one pass; second, after multiple passes, the surface remains rough and unclean and third, if you get snipe in every pass.


Stock Dewalt blades are a good option to work with for years and years. They perform well and cost less for a new blade. But the replacement provides more effective cutting capability or for less price than the original ones.

Like on carbide blades, you will get excellent working capabilities and 10 times more lifetime than stock ones, and the HSS is less costly to replace. Last if you upgrade the cutterhead, it would be the best.

I hope you got all the answers and understand what you need. Thank you.

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