How to string a walk behind trimmer

How to string a walk behind trimmer – 3 easy steps and more tips!

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Walk behind trimmer has a one-piece steel deck and multiple-height plastic deck; on both, the changing process of the string line is the same. 

To install the string line, first cut two 23-inch lines, then take the cutter line head and put the string head on the two sides of the hole. Now put the head together on the center hole and push the loop up to tightly tie it.

Let’s look at the detailed description and other aspects and see How to string a walk behind trimmer and see what size you want and when you should replace it.

Walk behind trimmer

Walk behind trimmer is a versatile compact machine that you don’t need to carry or strap it to your back. This comes in two versions; one uses a blade, and another uses string lines.

The string line walk behind trimmer’s string line spreads out and is used to cut down thick grass, weed tall grass, and light brush along edges and other hard-to-reach areas, and they are flexible and do not damage any structure in your yard or garden.

How to string a walk behind trimmer

Depending on the walk behind trimmer model’s cutter line head, there is a difference in the re-string line. On a walk behind string Mower one-piece steel deck, you don’t get multiple height options to string line.

But on the plastic deck, you get multiple height options to string line as your need. So now get the detailed process of how to string a walk behind trimmer.

Before installing string lines steps

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable string line. You can use the one you used earlier or can use the one your manufacturer recommends for your model; for that, see the manual. 

Note: Always try to choose a quality string line; neither will wear fast and won’t cut better.

The second thing you should do is cut the line. Again, depending on your model, you may need shorter and longer lines; check the manual. But you can take a 23 to 25-inch length line. Also, make sure to cut two, and the two parts must be equal.

Note: Even on the DR Power Equipment trimmer, you need a 23-inch-long string trimmer line.

Now turn off the engine. If you were using it, you should wait some time to cool down the parts after turning off the engine.

Then check the deck to see whether it is damaged or good and remove the older string line and clean the deck.

While installing string lines steps

Now install the string lines. You will see three small holes on the deck or cutter line head. First, keep the center empty and put string line two heads on two holes[ inside loop to outer loop]. 

After that, take the two-string line head and put the line together in the center hole; push the loop up one level and push tightly to lock it so that it doesn’t pull out while cutting.

This is the proper string trimmer technique you can follow.

Note: Do not use the top slot in the PTA model. Neither the string line could stick while cutting.

After installing string lines steps

After the installation, do a test run and check whether it rotates and cuts perfectly.

What trimmer lines should I use on the walk behind trimmer?

In the market, you will see a variety of shapes for string trimmer lines, like round, twisted, serrated, square, and star-shaped. All these give different types of results some rips off, some tear off, and some cut off grass.

I suggest you use square, star, or serrated sting trimmer lines on the walk behind trimmer, as these strings cut off grass rather than rip off or tear off grass and weeds.

What size string trimmer line should you use?

Depending on the thin or thicker grass you want to cut, you should choose the size of the string trimmer line for your walk behind wheeled trimmer. For example, if you want to do lightweight work or want to trim thin grass and weeds, then you should choose a 0.065-inch to 0.085-inch string trimmer line. 

But if you want to do heavy work or want to trim thick grass and weeds, then you should choose a 0.085-inch to 0.110-inch string trimmer line.

How long does a string last?

How long a spool of the string lasts will depend on multiple things, such as the quality, time used, or the way you use it, like lower range string for thin grass and higher string for thick grass cut.

If you maintain all these and use them weekly, it will last about 3 or 3½ months.

Within this time, you will see your string get wear out, the head gets twisted, or a little string is left; then, you should change your trimmer string for effective cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a single vs dual line trimmer?

The single-line trimmer comes with one-string trimmer line support, which means you can attach one string here, and the dual-line trimmer comes with two-string trimmer line support, which means you can attach two strings here.
The single-line trimmer cuts less grass and weeds at a time for its single string, and the dual-line trimmer cuts more grass and weeds at a time for its dual strings.

How do you wind a string trimmer head?

First, take two string lines about 9 feet, or you can take 10 feet if your trimmer head is a little large. Now take the spool and put both strings head in the starter hall. 
Then pull it on the spool keeping the string’s heads in the hole, and wind the line around the spool tightly. Now keeping an 8-to-10-inch line, put two heads through the notch placed on both sides.
Now you are ready to put it on the machine. In this way, you can lead a double trimmer spool.

How do you bump feed a string trimmer?

You can bump feed a string trimmer slap the bum using your hand, or bounce or tap on the head on the ground. 
To bum using your hand, turn off the machine and take the bottom of the machine with one hand and push on the bump knob using the other hand to pull out the string line.
To bump while using a trimmer, grip the trimmer as you grip while cutting, then push it on the ground; just give a single tap on the head on the ground it will pull out the string line.


Whether you change on the one-piece steel deck and multiple-height plastic deck walk behind trimmer, you just need to install the string line in a proper way.

I have described the process step by step; now, you have to try it on your wheeled trimmer. I hope you got all these. Thank you.

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