U-shank Vs T-shank Jigsaw Blades

U-shank Vs T-shank Jigsaw Blades [Let’s Clear the Confusion]

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What is the difference between t shank and u shank jigsaw blades, or should I buy a u-shank or a t-shank jigsaw blade?

These questions might be confusing for a beginner if you don’t have a helpful and honest guider. We all faced the problem at first when entering this line. But experience and knowledge shall be beneficial to all those curious minds.

T-shank jigsaw blades are newer ones and easy to use. They are modern design and compatible to work with. They are easy to replace and time-saving.

But u-shank blades are not extinct from the market. They are a bit old model and have some certain problems like changing the blade.

I will try to compare these 2 from my use and years of experience for all the beginners. So let’s jump into the U-shank Vs T-shank jigsaw blades overview.

U Shank Vs T Shank Blades- Comparison Table

FeaturesU-Shank BladesT-Shank Blades
Machine DesignOldNew
Replacement ToolRequiredNot Required

T-Shank Blades

“T-shank” name comes from the design of this blade. The base of this kind of blade is “T” shaped. It has little arms on both sides at the base.

Nowadays, all jigsaws are made for t-shank blades. They give us easy access to replacements and change. There is no need for an external tool for changing the blade, which makes it acceptable to the whole community over u-shank blades.

T-shank jigsaws all have a lever or button or dial-like mechanism. For changing your blade, all you need to do is press the lever or button or rotate the dial. Then remove the old blade and insert the new one. Release the button.

The process is effortless and automatically makes the blade straight. This feature gives over a hand to t-shank blades over u-shank.

Lastly, the grip is firm and rigid. If the machine is not faulty, the blade shall be strongly attached to the machine. The blade will not wobble. There is no risk of slipping from these machines.

  • Modern design.
  • Modern jigsaws are made for it.
  • Very easy to replace.
  • No external tool is needed to change the blade.
  • The grip is strong.
  • Automatically sets the blade straight.
  • Can be found everywhere.
  • Safe to use.
  • Can’t be used with older jigsaws

After knowing all of T-Shank Blades Advantages and the vast range of useability, If you’re looking for a high-quality T-Shank Blades, then Bosch T-Shank Multi-Purpose 10 Piece Jigsaw Blades will be the perfect one.

U-Shank Blades

U-shank blades have a “u” shaped cut at the base or beginning of the blade. They were widely used in the past, but now they have become very close to extinction.

The biggest problem with the u-shank blade is changing. You will need an external tool like a screwdriver or Allen key to change the blade. Firstly you have to unscrew the holding screw then remove the old blade. Then insert the new blade and lastly tight the blade.

It makes the process of changing the blade much time and labor-consuming for a user. On the other hand, it gives you have access to the external tool every time. This makes the u-shank blade backdated.

Another problem is that you have to manually straighten the blade. There is no automatic system like t-shank here. Moreover, you have to tighten the screw carefully. If the screw is loose, the blade will detach from the jigsaw while working. If you tighten the screw too tightly, it could break or warp the blade.

If you have the right tightness of the screw, then the grip will be firm and rigid. So it takes some practice and skill as well.

As it was a design of the past, the u-shank blade is not available everywhere. Although it is not completely gone from the market. If you have a very old jigsaw, you might have to take some trouble finding u-shank blades.

  • Compatible with old models.
  • Might fit into some of the newer jigsaws.
  • Changing the blade is difficult.
  • Needs an external tool to change.
  • The blade is not automatically straightened.
  • Not available everywhere.
  • The grip is dependent on the user.
  • Some experience is needed to operate.

Some Chit-chats over jigsaw blades

Usually, these blades are made from high-speed steel, high carbon steel, bi-metal, or tungsten carbide. They have to be very strong and rigid to function properly. So, manufacturers try to make it as hard and flexible as possible.

There are many varieties of t-shank blades in the market based on the teeth per inch. If you want an aggressive cut or cut fast, you need to go with a few teeth per inch. Dense teeth will give you a smoother cut but take much more time than the opposite one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are t-shank and U-shank jigsaw blades interchangeable?

Generally, t-shank and u-shank blades are not interchangeable. You can’t fit t-shank blades in a u-shank jigsaw and vice versa. But there is some jigsaw which supports both kinds of blade. So you have to look at your manual guide if your jigsaw supports both blades or not. Otherwise, they are not interchangeable.

Q. How many types of jigsaw blades are in the market?

There are 3 kinds of jigsaw in the market right now.
1)     U-shank.
2)     T-shank.
3)     U-shank with a hole.

Q. What blade do I need for a smoother cut?

For a smoother cut, you need a blade with high-density teeth. Since, high TPI (Tooth per inch) means more smooth and finer cut; you have to choose a blade with high TPI. Generally, there are 6 to 20 TPI blades in the market for wood. 20 TPI blades will give you the finest cut.

Q. What kind of blade do I need for a faster cut?

The low TPI blade will cut faster. There are various TPI jigsaw blades in the market ranging from 6 to 20 TPI. So it is clear that 6 TPI will cut the fastest for you, but you have to sacrifice the quality of the cut. 


At last, it is clear that a t-shank is far better than a u-shank. It is superior in every aspect. So if you are starting and confused about which one you should buy, definitely go for the t-shank blades. 

From my experience, I have come to this conclusion, and I want you newbies to choose the right tool for your work. I really hope that this article will help you in some manner. Thank you. 

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  1. Thanks for the information. I have been using U-shank blades for 60 years.
    I have never had any trouble changing blades. I have never had a blade
    come loose while cutting or break while installing. It is all about paying attention.

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