Shop vac 90107 vs 90137

Shop vac 90107 vs 90137 – Which One is Better?

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Shop vac 90107 and 90137 paper disc filter effectively collects or trap dust and debris well and protects your vacuum motor from getting damaged. But in terms of compatibility, size, and package ring, one has advantages over the other.

The Shop-vac 90107 is compatible with maximum shop vac models, can fit on 5-gallon and larger-gallon shop vacs, and comes with a plastic mounting ring. In contrast, the Shop-vac 90137 fits the maximum small shop-vac models and does not come with a retaining ring.

Let’s get the detailed description and other aspects of choosing between Shop vac 90107 vs 90137.

Comparison Table between Shop vac 90107 S and Shop vac 90137 T

FeaturesShop vac 90107Shop-vac 90137
Filter material PaperPaper
Size Bigger less big
FitLarger gallon shop vacs Smaller gallon shop vac
Usage Dry Dry
Mounting ringGet with the package Do not get with the package 
Mounting ring material Plastic Elastic
Reusable Yes Yes 
Price Affordable Affordable 

Similarities between Shop vac 90107 and Shop vac 90137

Filter material

Both the Shop-Vac 90107 and 90137 filters are made of paper. In addition, these filters are thicker, making them much more durable to take vacuum pressure.

Due to the thickness of the paper, nothing can be seen on either side of it, and the airflow will remain the same to collect the dust easily.

As they are made of paper, you cannot use them for wet picking; they are only for dry picking.


Both the paper dish filters are reusable dry filters; you can reuse them multiple times. After getting dirt, you just have to wash it to make it like new, saving your money.

But the thing is, depending on your usage, you have to change it every 4-5 months to have better filtration.

One thing to keep in mind is that because they are both dry picks only, you must let them dry completely before reusing them.


Both Shop-Vac S and T filters can catch big debris, dust, sawdust, and other dry materials. Also, protect your vacuum cleaner by effectively preventing dirt from entering the vacuum motor.

Dissimilarities between Shop vac 90107 and Shop vac 90137


The shop vac 90107 S-disc filter size is larger than the shop vac 90137 T filter, which you can fit on larger gallons shop vacs.

Vac support size

Based on the size of the paper disc filters, they are designed to fit almost all shop vac brands. As the 90107-paper filter size is larger for that reason, you can use it on 5 gallons or above shop vac. Also, you can even cut this paper filter to make it for a smaller gallon shop vac.

In contrast, the 90137 filter is small; for that reason, it only supports small-gallon shop vacs, which is best for a one-gallon shop vac.

Mounting ring

The shop vac 90107 comes with a retaining ring; you don’t have to purchase it. The mounting ring they provide, made of durable plastic, fits the vacuum very well and doesn’t break while mounting the paper filter, and you can reuse this.

In contrast, the shop vac 90137 does not come with a retaining ring. You have to purchase it, paying an additional cost. The mounting ring that fits this model can be a plastic or elastic retailer. 

If you use an elastic one that may get loose to break after some time under the pressure of a vacuum, you can reuse this.


Installing both filters is quite easy if you use a plastic mounting ring. On both, you have to pick the center of the filter paper, place it in the middle, and fold it down on all the sides, then put that on the dry filter as much as it can.

But if you use an elastic mounting ring, you have to enlarge using both hands and then have to put it on the paper filter as far as it goes.

Note: Both filters must be installed on the QwikLock Vacuum Filters, Standard Cartridge Filter, and foam sleeve filters.


The costs are almost the same for these paper disc filters. Depending on the pack quantity, they cost. Cost of $10 and $18, you will get 3 and 6-pack shop vac filters.

Which one should I choose; Shop-vac 90107 or Shop-vac 90137

The paper disc filter is effective, collects dust and debris well, and protects your vacuum cleaner.

The Shop-vac 90137 is only for smaller gallons like 1-gallon shop vacs. However, though it sizes small, it effectively prevents and captures debris and dust to keep the air clean.

The Shop-vac 90107 is versatile one compatible with most of the shop-vac models. You can use it on larger gallon shop vacs and even can use it on smaller gallon shop vacs by cutting it.

Also, at the same price, you get a mounting ring with the package. So that’s the advantage you don’t have to purchase it paying additionally.

Note: To get better results on both, you should use filter bags first, then use the paper filter on the foam sleeve.

See the manual of your shop vac; if you see one of these are compatible with your shop vac model, then purchase one to protect your vacuum cleaner by effectively preventing dirt from entering the vacuum motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t use a filter in a shop vac?

A filter protects your vacuum cleaner by effectively preventing and trapping dirt from entering the vacuum motor. If you don’t use a filter, the dirt and debris will enter your vacuum motor, quickly become clogged, and no longer function properly, ultimately making your vacuum unusable.

Do bagged vacuums need HEPA filters?

It depends on your usage and cleaning. Technically a woodworker who cleans heavy dust regularly needs to change or replace the shop vac filter early from the one who cleans less dust. But on average, between 3 to 6 months, one should change their shop vac filter for better performance and keep their motor safe.

Can I soak my vacuum filter in vinegar?

There are multiple types of filters available for that reason; depending on the filters, you should soak them in vinegar. You can’t use vinegar on HEPA and cartridge vacuum filters while cleaning.
While cleaning the paper and foam filter, you can add vinegar, but you have to put a few drops, neither it will damage the filter instant of cleaning it.


The main thing is that the 90107 S is for a bigger gallon shop vac model, and the 90137 T is for a smaller gallon shop vac model. But whatever you choose, first check the manual or sticker on the shop vac to check which one your shop vac will support. Thank you.

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