Best Heat Gun For Shrink Wrapping and Tubing [Boats, Plastics, Cars, Packaging]

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If you need solid shrink wrapping or tubing, use a heat gun, not a hairdryer. Why go for a hairdryer when you can have a heat gun under your budget?

A heat gun is perfect for shrinking wrapping and tubing in materials like boats, plastics, cars, or other packaging jobs. If you need a device for wrapping and tubing in big uses, there is no other option than a heat gun.

After using & experimenting with so many heat guns, I listed 8 appropriate and best heat guns that will perfectly work for us under any circumstances. So no more small talk, let’s jump into the best heat gun for shrink wrapping and tubing reviews.

#8 Best Heat Gun For Shrink Wrapping and Tubing

1. SEEKONE 1800W 122℉~1202℉ Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit 

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The first one is a 1800w heavy-duty heat gun from SEEKONE. Their Ergonomic yellow design is user-friendly and has various functions and protection for smooth usage; that’s why this gun was chosen by a number of people along with me.

This heat gun is fully loaded with power; within a second, it can heat up to 122℉ to 1202℉. Also, you get two power control modes to control temperature and airflow. 

The Scientific Ergonomic design really looks nice to see. Also, it is easy to hold on hand and handle grips quite well and also prevents repetitive strain injuries. Because of the design, they plant the temperature control dial on the back and the high and low switch on the handle to control airflow easily.

With this heat gun, you get four nozzles’ accessories to do any type of complicated work. This gun is ideal for shrinking wrapping, bending pipes, heating PVC, removing paints, repairing cellphones, and loosening rusted bolts.

The advantage of this heat gun is that it has overload protection that will keep you and your heat gun from unnecessary accidents and has a ventilation advantage. Also, they offer you a full refund or return and a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Strong, quick power
  • Fast heating
  • Large temperature control knob
  • Airflow control switches
  • East to hold design
  • Overload damaging protection
  • Multiple nozzles accessories
  • Ideal for most of the work
  • High-grade cord
  • For long use, handle gets pretty hot

2. PRULDE N2190 Hot Air Gun

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It’s a dual temperature control heat gun from PRULDE. For it’s fast heating and convenient design and large cable make it more useful to the workers. Let’s get more about it.

It’s a 1500w heat gun that heats up to 1112℉ in just 1.5 seconds. Also, this heat gun provides you with 2 airflow speed control, 300 and 500L/min, and 2 temperature control, 800 ℉ and 1112 ℉.

Built quality and design quality seem to be quite impressive. The DC copper motor they used provides stable operation, and the overload protection prevents overheating or circuit failure.

The handle and body design are convenient and easy to grip. Also, easy to move around for large works and a 6.5Ft power cord to give power to the heat gun from a distance and have a built-in stand on the back. 

With this, they provide 4 nozzle attachments for different work needs. Using these attachments to shrink wrapping, tubing, epoxy resin, cell phone repairs, paint removal, and vinyl warp gets easier and handier.

The interesting thing is that they guarantee that it will work up to 600 hours at max temperature, and if it stops working, they will replace it for up to 2 years. So, this is your choice; will you get it for around $25.

  • 1.5 seconds fast heating
  • Dual temperature control settings
  • Overheat protection service
  • Multiple necessary nozzle accessories
  • Cost-effective and ETL certification
  • High-grade cord and UL plug support
  • Rapid heating technology
  • Will smoke using in high settings for a long time

3. SEEKONE 1800W 752℉&1112℉ Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

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Another SEEKONE’s dual temperature settings heat gun is mostly the same as the earlier one except for the design and some functions. Let’s see what special it has.

It’s a heavy-duty 1800w heat gun that you can easily switch in two modes. Once you get 752℉ with 250 L/M airflows, and another you get 1112℉ with 500 L/M airflows to do almost any project.

The design seems quite impressive; they plant the ventilation slot on the upper portion of the heat gun and the dial or knob planted on the back of the handle to switch low and high settings in a single push easily.

They made a special handle to get you a better grip and comfort operating. Also, the integrated stand helps you to use it hands-free, and the 360-degree rotation hook with the long cord helps you to hang and use it easily.

Also, with the four nozzle attachments they provide, you can easily do your low and heavy-duty work without any restrictions.

The impressive thing is that the overheat protection feature is automatically turned on when the heat gun is too high and keeps you safe from unnecessary incidents.

The annular air outlet, fast heating, and 500-hour working ability make it a great household tool to buy it around $25.

  • Fast and rapid heating
  • Great heat ventilation
  • Ideal for shrinking warp and tubing
  • Two temperature control mode
  • Multiple nozzle attachments for working needs
  • Special handle and hand free use
  • Durable ABS body material
  • Will smoke using nozzles for a long time

4. PRULDE HG0080 Hot Air Gun Kit

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Another dual-temperature heat gun from PRULDE is more lightweight and compact, and the special design handle makes it more user-friendly than others.

It’s a 1200W hot air gun, but within one and a half seconds, heat reaches 1112 ℉ temperature like its other versions. Also, the dual temperature control at the low setting provides 0 to 752 ℉ with 250 L/M airflows, and the high setting provides 752 to 1112 ℉ with 500 L/M airflows.

Polypropylene material is used on the frame which is lightweight, durable, and rugged. On the back, they integrated a stand that helps to use hands-free and cool down. Also, they provide a special handle design for non-slip easier operation.

The advantage is that the tube is flexible to prevent cable damage, and also the cord covers 6.5 feet of the working area.

For protection, they provide a built-in overload protection system for safe and reliable use. Also, they ensure that on high settings, it will keep running for up to 500 hours.

This heat gun can do the same work as the other heat guns can do with the nozzle attachments, but it can do better for removing paint and shrink wrap, tubing it can do better than the other heat guns in the market.

I would recommend you purchase it for around $25 if you specifically want to do these works.

  • Dual temperature control settings
  • Cost-effective and ETL certification
  • Flexible tube and long cord
  • Special handle design
  • Hand-free usage design
  • Heat resistant shell
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rapid heating technology
  • Attachments are made of fragile material

5. Chandler Tool Dual Temp Hot Air Gun

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It’s a mini-size insulated ergonomic, lightweight heat gun from Chandler. The blue color seems impressive, and the body structure makes it easy to handle for extra periods. Let’s see more about it.

It’s a dual heat and speed-setting hot air gun. In a dual power setting, we can select 150-300 watts, and in a temperature setting can select 200 – 300℃. With this setting, you can easily do high-duty or high-volume work.

As I told you, the body is lightweight because it is made of impact-resistant plastic, UL certified, so it is safe from electric shock and fire hazards. Also, this one is not much long or small; that’s why you get the perfect grip and working comfort.

Though it’s a mini heat gun and you don’t get any nozzle attachments with it, you can easily do the work that other heat guns do, and accurately you can do it better using it because of the dual settings. 

Also, they provide a stand and nozzle safety shield for burn protection, and the 6feet long cord gives you power from a distance. 

So, you can check this heat gun for heavy-duty professional work, and it will cost you around $25.

  • Dual power setting
  • Lightweight and handy body
  • Protection from fire and electric
  • Can do low and high duty jobs
  • Provide nozzle safety shield
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Body does not heat much after long use
  • Do not provide any nozzle attachments

6. Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit

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If you want a powerful compact heat gun, this genesis heat gun is for you. Because of its usefulness, customers love this product. Let’s see elaborately about it.

It has a 12.5 Amp motor which is really powerful and can produce 750 and 1500watt power. You can switch power between these two for your working needs. 

Also, there are temperature control settings where you get low and high temperatures to get versatility in your work. That seems very user-friendly for heavy-duty work.

The design seems very effective to me. There is a heat ventilation advantage. Also, the handle is straight and grippy. They position a rocker-type switch in front of the handle so that you can easily switch off low and high temperatures.

The included 4 nozzles attachment, with that one, can easily do warping, tubing, removing, repairing, and more work effectively. This gun is easy to handle with one hand and also hand-free use. The cord is also long enough to give you power from a distance.

Also, this gun is UL-listed and ETL certified, so there is no doubt about safety. You can really think about purchasing it for around $30.

  • High power and fast heating
  • Rocker type switch
  • High and low-temperature setting
  • User-friendly design
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work
  • Grippy handle and easy hold
  • Cancer and Reproduction Harm

7. HOMIDIC Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun

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It’s an ultra-long heat gun from HOMIDIC. It is about 22.5cm long, and for the compact power of this machine, customers love this product.

It’s not a heavy-duty usage heat gun. In this, they provide 300w power, which may seem less than others I introduced but with this power within a second, it reaches 200℃.

Which is ideal for doing shrinking warping, tubing, and removing. But the disadvantage is that there is no temperature control setting, which I think it doesn’t need because it already runs in medium-low temperatures.

Because of the ABS plastic made, the body doesn’t heat too much. Also, on the back, there are holes for ventilation. The hand is anti-slip that holds the hand tight. Also, they provide a long 6.56FT cord and a built-in self-support stand, which is good.

While using, you shouldn’t use it for more than 10 minutes at a time because, within a second, it reaches 200℃, it’s too hot and can melt anything.

With all of its advantages and disadvantages, you can really try it because it won’t cost you more than $15 and you can do lots of your jobs.

  • Reaches high temperature very fast
  • Long body and enough space forhold
  • Heat ventilation advantage
  • Ideal for shrinking film
  • Included self-support stand
  • Long quality cable
  • Nozzle take much time to cool down

8. XPEOO Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit

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It’s a two-gear temperature control heat gun from XPEOO. For its power heating and durable design and replacement warranty, I put it on this list.

It’s a 1500w power heat gun that can give up to 1022℉ heating in just a few seconds. Also, the 2-gear temperature settings help you choose 572℉ with 350 L/M airflows and 1022℉ with 500 L/M airflows.

But in other models of this heat gun, you get more control settings with back cover adjustment and digital display; you can also try those.

The design is compact and more durable than most other heat guns on the market. It has a ventilation advantage and a built-in stand for hands-free use. Also, the handle size is perfect for holding and gripping the heat gun.

On the front of the handle, the switches are planted to click perfectly at any time. They also include 5 nozzles, 1 paint shovel, and 4 paint shovel attachments that will help you to complete your household and heavy-duty shrinking warp and tubing job perfectly.

With all of these attachments and power, this heat gun becomes the beast and becomes the best professional heat gun for heat shrinking to get it around $25.

  • 2 gear temperature control
  • Provides 10 versatile accessories
  • Fast and rapid heating
  • Ideal for to all types of jobs
  • Built-in back stand
  • ABS quality frame material
  • Perfect size handle and grip
  • No dial and no digital like other models

Benefits of nozzles attachment

Nowadays, most heat gun companies include nozzle attachments with their heat guns. You can also buy extra nozzles from the market. This helps you do work more easily, and a particular nozzle helps you do the particular work more perfectly.

Surface nozzle: helps to blow hot air over the work surface. Remove strip paint and old floor cover.

Reflector nozzle: helps to bend the plastic, pipe, copper pipes, and tubing.

Reduction nozzle: helps to heal some parts of the working surface. It is used to bend plastics and remove painting plates.

Welding nozzle: helps to weld plastic; you just have to put the material through the nozzle.

So, get the perfect one for your job and get success.

Heat gun to choose

It mainly depends on your work type. But nowadays, one single heat gun can do all the work because a manufacturer designed and planted functions in this way. You just have to find which one has the most functions, such as blower speeds, temperature ranges, nuzzles, price and warranty.

The heat guns I provide here among of them you can choose SEEKONE, PRULDE, or CHANDLER heat gun. These have almost all the temperature and power control functions within a $30 budget.


Q. What is the best way to heat shrink tubing?

It’s really easy to heat shrink tubing. You just have to set a medium temperature on the heat gun. Then apply the heat gun to the tubing and try to move it back and forth slowly.

Q. Best heat gun temperature for different materials?

For different materials, different temperatures are needed. Some materials need high temperatures, and some need low temperatures. Neither heat can damage or burn the material.
For thawing frozen pipes 120 to 300℉, plastic and dry paint need 400-440℉, adhesive material 440-550℉, welding material 790-830℉, rusted material 900-950℉, paint removes 960-1000℉ and qualitative change 1000-1200℉ you need.

Q. Do all electric heat guns operate similarly?

Yes, all heat guns operate similarly. It all heats a coil and blows hot air outside. But features and power options vary from a heat gun to a heat gun.

Q. Can you use a heat gun for shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is really effective in protecting goods for storage, and the wrapping heat gun is the perfect machine you can use. 
You just need to select the temperature and then warp the material and apply heat to it. Slowly it will start wrapping.

Final note

A heat gun is a really good machine to work on, but it can be dangerous if a quality heat gun is not chosen.

Along with the quality and function of the mind, I have chosen 8 heat guns that work well for me quite well, and I hope they will work for you perfectly and make all your work comfortable. 

I hope you like the article.

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