Is Kobalt a good brand? Know Everything about Kobalt

Is Kobalt a good brand? Know Everything about Kobalt

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If you ask me, is Kobalt a good brand? My answer would be yes, they are. Especially I love their 24V brushless tools. Kobalt’s main benefits are that they come at an affordable price, and nowadays, many professionals love their cordless tools.

When Lowe’s Kobalt power tools started, the brand never looked back and started improving in top levels.

It started with the top performance of their Kobalt 24V brushless tools, and after that product, every product became popular and well performed. Also, the batteries were at a low price, and it was a great deal to people.

Is Kobalt manufactured in USA?

Kobalt is a brand of mechanic tools and power tools which are made in USA. Specifically, it is located in Nevada in the USA. In this production house, they usually make mechanic tools and other components like power tools made in Germany.

Is Kobalt being discontinued?

No, that’s not 100% true.

Some controversies may have heard that Kobalt is going out of business or will not change the defective products that those they have already sold.

In that time, it may be heartbroken or a scary thing that in future, you won’t get the warranty of those products because they are going out of business! I clarify to you that they will not discontinue; rather they are expanding their top-rated Kobalt line-up tools.

Lowe’s isn’t getting rid of Kobalt; they’re doubling down. They’re expanding the cordless and bench-top lines yeah they might be moving out some hand tools, and overall the lines will grow.

They’re going to produce more and more 24V tools expanding the lines, and there are also going to be offering more bench-top tools as well corded and cordless power tools.

Here is their official twitte on discounting.

Who manufactures Kobalt?

Chain Lowe’s manufactures Kobalt power tools, machineries tools, etc. His company’s name is American home improvements chain Lowe’s. At the beginning of the brand, Lowe’s had a partner named J.H. Williams.

Where is Kobalt manufactured?

Since 1998, Kobalt tools have many manufactures. But among them, the main and the oldest manufacturers place is the USA.

JS Tools currently make Kobalt products out of Las Vegas, Nevada. But they outsource from China and Taiwan.

Kobalt and its product’s

Kobalt comes with a vast number of tools list. Here I mention some of their well-known tools list.

  1. Oscillating Multi-Tool
  2. Corded Router Table
  3. Brushless Power Tool
  4. HIGH-TORQUE Impact Wrench 
  5. Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Corded Miter Saw
  6. Impact Driver
  7. Hammer Drill
  8. Wet Sliding Table Tile Saw With Stand
  9. Circular Saw
  10. Brushless Cordless Drill
  11. Brushless Jigsaw
  12. Brushless Belt Sander
  13. Combo Kits and many more.

Is Kobalt made by craftsman?

No, Kobalt is not made by a Craftsman. Actually, Kobalt and Craftsman are two different popular brands. But among them, Kobalt is the younger brand.

Is Kobalt made by Snap-on?

We may all hear about Williams, who was the owner of the Snap-on. But he made a mistake by using the same stamped codes of Kobalt. Because of using the same stamped codes, you may relate that Snap-on makes Kobalt. But it’s not. So it can be said easily that both the companies aren’t related.

Is Kobalt made by DeWalt?

Kobalt is not made by DeWalt, rather both are different companies. Dewalt comes with a high price and a good warranty, and on the other hand, Kobalt comes at an affordable price, and all the basic works can be done by it.

How does Kobalt compare to DeWalt?

Kobalt and Dewalt are two different brands. If you compare both of the brands, then better performance and better warranties come Dewalt than Kobalt.

But as Dewalt’s products are better than Kobalt’s, Dewalt’s products are costly too. It is like a saying that with high price comes high-performance products. But for regular works, if anyone is seeking affordable tools, Kobalt is a better option without any doubt. Kobalt is like a budget-killer.

Does Kobalt discount us?

Discount is a happy word. Everyone love to hear the word. Whenever people find a product discounted, people try to buy it at any cost for their necessity.

Sometimes Kobalt gives discounts because whenever Kobalt thinks that their product is overpriced and the regular customers or the middle-class customers can’t afford it for their daily usage, they give discounts on their products.

Another typical reason is that to survive by doing a competition with the rest of the brands, the discount is more like a business strategy, and that’s why the Kobalt Company sometimes gives discounts.


So far, all the things we have discussed above, we suggest that if you are looking for a budget-killer product in case of doing basic works, we suggest picking Kobalt. But if you have enough money and want a premium product with a good warranty, pick Dewalt without any hesitation or thinking twice.

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