Is a scroll saw worth it

Is A Scroll Saw Worth It? Yes, But Why – Let’s Find Out!

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A scroll saw is a specialized tool that creates delicate parts, enclosed cuts, curves, intricate cuts, and detailed work. So, if you do such projects as a DIYer, woodworker, or craftsman and bought or will purchase a good scroll saw, then the scroll saw is definitely worth it for you. 

There are other saws like Coping Saw, Jigsaw, Fret Saw, and Band Saw, which have almost similar capabilities to the scroll saw, but why only a scroll saw, and why is it better than others?

Let’s find out its advantages and “why Is a scroll saw worth it”!

Scroll saw 

A scroll saw is made explicitly for detailed woodworking, fretwork, intarsia, puzzles, toys, and various shapes. Here are the advantages that make you feel yes, a scroll saw is worth it:

  • Make detailed (Enclosed, Delicate, Curves & Precision) cuts
  • Make beautiful patterns
  • Can cut tight corners
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Easy to control with a foot pedal
  • Easily adjustable speed
  • The surface finish of a scroll saw is so nice
  • Small compared to others
  • Cheap than other woodworking saw
  • One of the safest electric saws

Is a scroll saw worth it?

A scroll saw is worth it or not for your workshop can be determined depending on its capability of making different cuts, size, safety sides, and price.

Scroll saws are specialized tools for making intricate cuts in wood, metal, and other materials. It is a good investment for anyone who enjoys woodworking or wants to expand their abilities in this area. Here are some reasons why a scroll saw might be worth it:


For a saw, the most important thing is its different cutting capabilities. For example, a scroll saw can do these cuts:

Enclosed cuts:

a scroll saw can do enclosed cuts; you need to drill a hole, then have to put the blade into the hole and attach it to the saw to make cuts inside the wood.

Delicate parts: 

Using a scroll saw, you can make shapes or delicate parts from wood. Just draw patterns or designs on the wood, cut them using the saw, and make toys, puzzles, and crafts.


a scroll saw can allow you to cut intricate curves. Also, using various blades to cut curves in wood or metal gets easier.


A scroll saw allows you to make precise cuts that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other types of saws. This is especially useful when working with delicate materials or when you need to make detailed cuts.


Scroll saws can be used to cut differents materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and even thin sheets of glass. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of woodworking projects.


Scroll saws are generally quieter than other types of saws, making them easier to use in a shared space or in a home workshop.

Ease of use: 

Scroll saws are relatively easy to use, even for beginners. They typically have a small, adjustable table that allows you to make precise cuts, and many models also have features like adjustable blade speed and an LED light to help you see your work more clearly.


Scroll saws are cheap to purchase. Low to high, you will get almost all range of saws in your reasonable budget. For example, a scroll saw ranges from under $100 to $500.


A scroll saw is smaller compared to other saws in the market. It won’t take much space for being small, and you can keep it anywhere in your workshop.


A scroll saw is one of the safest electric saws and generally safer to use than other types of saws because it has a relatively small blade and a relatively low cutting speed. 

Not just for its system but also structurally, it is safe. This has a blade guard and hold-down adjustment features. Also, it is quite silent, which does not create a problem for your ear. This makes it less likely to cause injury if you accidentally make contact with the blade.

A scroll saw makes fine cuts, is the safest electric saw, is low in price and is small enough to fit any workshop. But last, if the cuts a scroll saw make matches the projects you do, then undoubtedly, a scroll saw is worth it for your workshop.

Overall, a scroll saw is a good investment for anyone interested in woodworking or wanting to expand their abilities in this area. 

Scroll Saw Compared to Other Saws

Manual saws

Fret and Coping saws

They are manual but have similar purposes as the scroll saw. They use pinless blades, are small and cheap, and are used for delicate parts, enclosed cuts, curves, intricate cuts, and detailed work. 

But as they are manual for that, you have to use your muscles to cut the wood to your desired shape. Also, the surface finish will need to be better.

Electric saws

Jigsaw and Band saw

Both of them are electric saws. The jigsaw allows for detailed and curved cuts and can be placed in the center by drilling a hole to make enclosed cuts as a scroll saw. It’s a hand-held saw, easy to carry and cut but hard to handle.

Another hand, the Band saw body and blade are large. It can make straight, angle cuts but can’t make detailed, enclosed cuts like a scroll saw.

You may get these saws for detail, curve, inside cuts, and make patterns for your wood projects, but you will get a different result than you could get in a scroll saw. If you really want a specialist detailed woodworking tool, a scroll saw is the only one to do that with perfection.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q. Which is better scroll saw or CNC machine?

Ans: A computer numerical control (CNC) machine can make better detail, curve, inside cuts, and make patterns than a scroll saw as it is a computer-controlled machine, but it is significantly more expensive, large, and takes up huge space in a workshop.

Also, you get a perfect cut that looks robust. Whereas the scroll saw gives you a real feel as it works with the human touch and is a less expensive and small machine that everybody prefers to buy for their workshop.

Q. Can a scroll saw cut through hardwood?

Ans: A scroll saw cannot cut high-thickness hardwoods. It is designed to cut through wood material up to 2.5 inches thick or less. So ultimately, it can cut through hardwood, but at most 2.5 inches thick hardwood.

Q. What can you not do with a scroll saw?

Ans: A scroll saw is one of the safest electrical saws, but some work you can’t do with a scroll saw, like you cannot directly put your finger towards the blades, and never wear loose clothes, jewelry, gloves, and a tie while cutting wood. Also, keep the blade guard only after your cutting work.


As I described, a scroll saw is a specialist doing detail, curve, inside cuts, and making patterns and templates. Also, it is not much expensive, large, and is safer than other similar characteristics saws. 

So, for your wood project, If you need a saw that can do these things. Then a scroll saw is worth it, and you can choose a scroll saw without any doubt. Thank you.

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