DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x

DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x Dewalt Thickness Planer – Which one should you choose?

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After cutting a block of wood, it is necessary to smooth the rough surface for a great finish, and this can be done most effectively on a benchtop thickness planer. 

Dewalt is a top manufacturer of benchtop thickness planers, and their most highly effective and efficient planers are the DW734, DW735, and DW735x.

All three planers come in large sizes and have excellent cutting ability and advanced features. The DW734 costs less than others; in contrast, the DW735 and DW735x have a fan-assisted vacuum system, dual CPI settings, an automatic carriage lock, and a wide cutting capacity.

Let’s compare DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x Dewalt Thickness Planer and explain their benefits and drawbacks so that you can pick one easily.

Comparison table between DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x

Feature DW734DW735DW735x
Size24 x 17 x 21 inches24 x 22 x 18.75 inches21.75 x 24.25 x 22 inches
Weight 80 pounds92 pounds92 pounds
Motor AMP151515
Motor power20000 RPM20000 RPM20000 RPM
Cutterhead speed1000 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM
Cuts Per Inch9696 or 17996 or 179
Blade size /Width cut12-1/2-inch13-inch13-inch
Thick cut1/8 inches1/8 inches1/8 inches
Depth capacity6inch6inch6inch
Carriage lockManual AutoAuto
Infeed and outfeed tableYesNoYes
Turret depth stopSmall Large Large
PriceAffordable Costly Costly

Pros and Cons between Dewalt DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x

Dewalt DW734

The Dewalt DW734 is a four-column carriage lock lunchbox benchtop thickness planer. The main advantage of this planer is its low price and high quality compared to the other two planers.

  • You get tools for adjustment
  • Get a cord wrap deal for easy cord storage
  • Get a locking function to reduce snipe and great consistency
  • Steel made 33-1/2″ infeed and outfeed table
  • Four-column carriage lock
  • Less price than the DW735 and DW735x
  • Dust collection system is not up to the mark

Dewalt DW735 and DW735x

Both the DW735 and DW735x planers are the same. They are clones of each other. The difference is that the DW735x comes with infeed and outfeed tables and extra cutterhead knives.

You can buy and attach infeed and outfeed tables with DW735 to make it look like DW735x, and then you won’t see any physical or functional difference between them. So, there is nothing to compare between DW735x vs DW735.

These planers’ main advantages are their two-speed gearbox, automatic carriage lock, and fan-assisted chip ejection system.

  • Two-speed gearbox for two CPI settings
  • Cuts more wide materials
  • Has cutter head with locating dowels
  • Comes with a fan-assisted system to collect all dust
  • Extra-large and visible turret depth stop and material removing gauge
  • Two times more rigid 19-3/4-inch cast aluminum base
  • Automatic carriage lock for more consistency and less snipe
  • DW735 does not come with infeed and outfeed tables

Comparison between DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735x or DW734 vs DW735x

As the DW735 does not come with an infeed and outfeed table, it gets a huge drawback compared to the DW734 and DW735x. Also, the DW735 and DW735x have the same features, so if you compare DW734 vs DW735x, you will automatically have the comparison between DW734 vs DW735 as the comparison will be the same.

Similarities between Dewalt DW734 and Dewalt DW735x

Motor power: Both the DW734 and DW735x planers use a powerful 15-amp motor that generates up to 20000 rpm to handle large hardwoods and ensure deep cuts.

Knife: On both, you get three-knife cutter heads that are reversible and disposable knives that ensure 30% more lifetime and are usable twice without sharpening.

Cutting head speed: Their three cutterhead knives run at 1000 RPM, sufficient to plane wood within seconds.

Cutting depth: On both, you will get a cutting depth of 1/8 inch to 6 inches, which is sufficient for professional work. The measurement of cuts is also accurate on these planers.

Table: They both have extra-long infeed and outfeed tables, but the DW735x uses a 19-3/4-inch cast aluminum base that is 2 times more rigid than a standard base.

Note: DW735 does not come with an infeed and outfeed table.

Paddle switch: They use the same paddle switch, just they are located at a different positions.

Noise: No matter at which speed and settings you are working, you will get louder noise. So, while working, always wear headphones.

Both the planer and the blades are safe because they are in the middle, and you don’t need to push the wood piece; place it, and the planer will take it to the blade and out the other end.

Weight: As the DW735x size is larger, it weighs more than the DW734. Though the DW734 is 12 pounds lighter than the DW735×, both are hard to carry single-handedly.

Dissimilarities between DW734 vs DW735x

Material-removal gauge: They come with a material-removal gauge to show how much the cuts will be. But DW735X’s viewing area is large and located in a different position to ensure better visibility.

Gearbox: DW734 Dewalt planer featured a one-speed gearbox that provides 96-CPI. In contrast, with the DW735x Dewalt planer, you can change the feed speed as it uses a two-speed gearbox to provide 96 and 179 cuts per inch (CPI)

Though the 96-CPI is enough to provide a precious finish, 179-CPI will provide you finer finish.

Wide cut: DW735x Dewalt thickness planer blade size is bigger than the DW734 Dewalt planer. The DW734 can shave boards up to 12-1/2 inches wide, whereas the DW735x can shave boards up to 13 inches wide.

Knob vs Wheel: DW734 featured a knob on the top-right, and DW735x featured a wheel on the bottom-right. DW735x wheels are placed on more comfortably and easily rotate than the knob to adjust the cutting depth.

Turret: They both have turret depth stop for easily repeatable cuts. DW734 comes with a small size at the bottom-right, but DW735x comes with an extra-large size in a comfortable bottom-left position for easy visibility and usability.

Carriage lock: In DW734, you get a manual four-column carriage lock system placed on top of the motor; for every cut, you must pull the rod down to tighten everything. 

In contrast, DW735x’s automatic carriage lock reduces more snipe and ensures more consistency in every pass than DW734.

Sawdust extraction: You get better sawdust extraction in DW735x as here you will get a fan-assisted system to collect all dust which you don’t get in the DW734 for that DW734 dust collection gets blocked over time and throw the dust on the table.

Thickness scale: They both come with an extra-large thickness scale and ensure accurate cuts, but the yellow color scale makes it more visible on the DW735x planer and provides an advantage.

Blade change: Changing the blade process is the same on both but setting blade positioning is easy on DW735x as its cutter head comes with locating dowels which you do not get in DW734.

Handle: Both come with handy handles. But DW734 comes with a metal handle, and DW735x comes with a hard plastic handle.

Price: As the DW734 is an older model with fewer features, it costs around $549, and the DW735x costs around $749.

Which one to choose; DW734 or DW735 or DW735x

As for my usage, I got the DW735x handier as it has a better sawdust collection mechanism, dual CPI settings for a super fine finish, wide cutting capacity, a comfortable wheel, a turret thickness stopper, and an easily visible material removing gauge. It seems an appropriate thickness planer over the DW734 and DW735.

As I told earlier, the difference between DW735 and DW735x is only the missing infeed and outfeed table and extra cutterhead knives; other features are the same. 

If you are comfortable working without a table and will only plane small pieces, then you can take DW735 instead of DW735x and save some money. Aside from the table feature, you can choose the DW735 over the DW734 planer.

If you are concerned about your budget and want to save money while still getting some features and benefits, the DW734 is a good option for you. At a lower price than these two planers, you will get almost the same features and some fewer advantages but get almost everything a benchtop thickness planer should have.

But for rough and professional usage, I recommend you go for the Dewalt DW735 thickness planer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the belt on Dewalt planer 735?

To change the belt on the Dewalt planer 735, first go to the right side and remove the access panel. Then remove the chain tensioner and the chain using an Allen wrench. You will see a nut holding the belt; use 15 sockets to loosen it, and you will see a key slot here holding the nut; rotate it and remove it.
Mark the key slot and remove the older belt. Next, place the new belt on the upper nut and the nut you removed. Then use a trigger clamp, one side on the planer base and another side on the nut, to place it in the right place. After that, undo the process you have done, and you are ready to plane your wood.
Note: Using this process, you can even change the Dewalt DW735x planer blade, as DW735 and DW735x are the same.

Does the DeWALT DW735 come with blades?

Yes, DeWALT DW735 comes with pre-installed blades. DeWALT DW735 comes with a three-knife cutter head reversible and disposable knives. As they are reversible after getting dull, you can use them one more time. 
Also, changing it is relatively easy as the cutter head comes with locating dowels. So you can easily fit it into the position.

Why is Turret depth stop important?

Turret depth stop is important for repeatable depth cut. If you want to plane wood pieces of the same thickness, you can use them. 
Once you set it, you won’t need to set the thickness on every pass or every cut. Also, no matter how much you rotate the knob or wheel, the thickness mark will not go below the mark set by the turret depth stop.


The Dewalt planer I have compared is great for larger and deeper cuts in hardwoods, and you will get the same accuracy in every pass. From the older versions to the updated ones, some features increased, and some decreased. 

I have compared them all, and now it’s up to you to choose based on your budget and working preferences. Thank you.

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