6 Amp vs 12 Amp vs 15 Amp Reciprocating Saw

6 Amp vs 12 Amp vs 15 Amp Reciprocating Saw: Which one do you need?

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We know, basically, Saw is used for cutting things. Reciprocating saw serves the same purpose. But there are many types of reciprocating saw out at the market. We have to find the right one according to our needs.

Today we are going to discuss three types of reciprocating saw so that you can make the right choice. As per the title, we are going to discuss “6 Amp vs 12 Amp vs 15 Amp reciprocating saw”. We are going to discuss its features, comparisons, pros and cons, similarities, and dissimilarities. So, let’s jump into the main theme.

Comparison Table – 6 Amp vs 12 Amp vs 15 Amp Reciprocating saw

Features6 Amp12 Amp15 Amp
Handling Very easy to handleEasy Enough to handleNot so easy to handle
Material Shoe plate, blade, gripShoe plate, blade, gripShoe plate, blade, grip, speed dial
SizeGenerally Small Medium Large
WeightAround 4.5 poundsAround 7.6 poundsAround 11.3 pounds
HandleMade of soft rubberMade of soft rubberMade of strong rubber
Warranty Mostly 5yearsMostly 5years7 to 10 years
WorkThick branches, metal, and moreMostly strong metals Any kind of materials
Blade lengthMostly 13 millimetersMostly 8inchesCan be 18 inches or less
PriceCheaper than othersMid-rangeExpensive than others


A standard reciprocating saw should provide certain qualities.

  • Flexible shoe: The shoe of a reciprocating show must be flexible. So that we can adjust it to our needs, and with an adjustable shoe, we can cut in various positions.
  • Easy blade change: After using a blade for a time, we have to change it. So, the change manual should be flexible. Tool-free blade change provides more flexible uses. 
  • Speed control: If we can control the speed of the blade, we can cut through flexible objects too. So, a standard reciprocating saw should provide this quality.
  • Stroke length: Stroke length mainly controls the cutting speed. Longer stroke length gives us more cutting speed.
  • Vibration: Vibration when cutting can cause damage to the product. So, the vibration should be controlled.
  • Grips: Flexible grips give comfort to the users.
  • Rubber cord: rubber cords are better than plastic chords.


Multi purposes

The 6 Amp reciprocating saw has multi-purpose uses. We can cut wood, plastics, and other light items through it.

The 12 Amp reciprocating saw also has different kinds of uses. We can even use them to shape something.

A 15 Amp reciprocating saw is also used for cutting different kinds of things. They can handle many more heavy things than other saws. 


In a 6 Amp reciprocating saw, we can use a different kind of blade. These saws don’t have any screws to hold blades. So, we can easily switch the blades.

A 12 Amp reciprocating saw also can afford to handle a different kind of blade. These kinds of saws even can handle much heavier blades.

In 15 Amp reciprocating saw, different kinds of blades can be used for multi-cutting. With these blades, we can cut through heavy objects.


As 6 Amp reciprocating saws are lighter than others, so they have hand-friendly grips. By using the grips, we can use them to cut multi-dimensional ways.

The 12 Amp reciprocating saw also has good grips. To use heavier machines these grips are hand-friendly.

15 Amp reciprocating saws are much heavier than others. So, when we hold them, we need grips. So, these machines come with good grips.



6 Amp saws come with 6 Amp power. With such power, we can cut lighter objects. If we want to cut heavier objects with this power, this process will cost us a lot of time.

As 12 Amp reciprocating saws come with 12 Amp power, we can cut heavier objects. And we can cut through them frequently.

15 Amp reciprocating saws come with 15 Amp power. This power is enough to cut through any kind of object within a very short time.


6 Amp reciprocating saws can be used for cutting different edges. So, we can exactly use them to cut wherever we want.

12 Amp reciprocating saws can be used for cutting for different edges. But, as it is heavier, we can’t lift it very easily. So, it is tough to use them for multi-edge cutting.

15 Amp reciprocating saws are not good for multi-edge cutting. Because of its weight. We can’t hold it the way it should be held for multi-edge cutting.

Cutting speed

Cutting speed in 5 Amp reciprocating saws is slower than others. So, it can give us smooth edges.

In a 12 Amp reciprocating saw, the cutting is faster. This is why the edges it provides are not very smooth.

Cutting speeds of 15 Amp reciprocating saws are way faster than others. This gives us very sharp edges.

6 Amp Reciprocating Saws – Pros & Cons

  • Construction: The 6 Amp reciprocating saw is well built. It can handle enough pressure. 

  • Multi-purpose use: We can use it to cut different objects with different blades. 

  • Carriable: It is very light in weight. So, we can carry it anywhere with us.

  • Positional Cut: We can cut vertically or horizontally through it

  • Flexible blade: We can adjust the blades so that cutting edges can be controlled.

  • Pricing: This kind of reciprocating saw is cheaper than others.

  • Low Durability:Because of its lightweight, it may not last long enough

  • Low capability on heavy objects:As these kinds of saws are low-powered, it is not suitable to cut heavy objects. If these are eligible, it may take time

  • Blade Lacks:It uses a lighter blade than others. So, blades needed to be changed continuously.

  • Lacks in professional use:Professional uses need a heavy reciprocating saw. So, these kinds of saws are not suitable.

12 Amp Reciprocating Saws – Pros & Cons

  • Construction: These kinds of saws have a strong build quality. So, pressure can be created on these saws.
  • Multi-purpose use: Different kinds of objects can be cut through it. They are mainly used for cutting heavy metals.
  • Long use time: We can use these kinds of saws for more than 6 hours continuously.
  • Carriable: Though these saws are heavier than 6 Amp reciprocating saws, people carry them for a multi-dimensional cut.
  • Different Blades: Different kinds of blades can be used for different kinds of cuts.
  • Affordable: They are not very expensive. So, people can afford them.
  • Low durability: They don’t last long enough because they are used in different kinds of weather
  • Scratches: When using, they might get some scratches. These scratches may affect the machine
  • Blade lacks: The middle thickness of blades can cause harm to the object.
  • Changing blades: Blades changing is more complicated.

15 Amp Reciprocating Saws – Pros & Cons

  • Construction: Build quality of these saws are very good. So, they are almost indestructible.
  • Multi-purpose use: 12Amp reciprocating saws can be used for cutting a different kind of object.
  • Professional use: Mainly these kinds of saws are used for professional uses.
  • Durability: The durability of these saws is good enough.
  • Different blades:Different blades can be equipped in a 15Amp reciprocating saw.
  • Not carriable: They are heavy in weight. So, they are tough to carry.
  • Blade shifting: Blade shifting is tougher than other reciprocating saws.
  • Leave edges: They leave sharp edges.
  • Pricing: These kinds of saws are more expensive than others.


Q. What kind of objects can reciprocating saws cut?

We can cut different kinds of objects by a reciprocating saw. We can cut tiles, wood, plastic, metal, glass, plaster, stucco, drywall, and more. But there are different kinds of saws in the market. Sometimes saws are made for individual work. You must know your work type and choose the right one for work.

Q. Why is there a power difference in reciprocating saws?

We need different kinds of saws to do different kinds of cuttings. Power difference provides us with this quality. Again, if we use a powerful cutting tool in soft objects, it may destroy the object.

Q. Are 6 Amp reciprocating saws powerful enough?

It depends on the work type. If you want to cut heavy objects, I suggest you buy a more powerful reciprocating saw. Because you can cut any kind of object with 6 Amp reciprocating saws, but it will cost you a very long time. So, in a way, it is powerful enough. And in a way, it is not.

Q. What kind of blades are used in reciprocating saws?

As reciprocating saws can be used for multi-cuttings; it can handle different kinds of blades. Woodcutting blades are used for wood cutting.
Demolition blades are for cutting embedded wood. Combination tools are used for metal and woodcutting. Metal cutting blades are only used for metal cutting. There are also many other blades available on the market.


Right choices make our life easy and comfortable. If you want to buy a reciprocating saw according to your need, you must know their properties. This article may help you to know them. Thank you.

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